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Hand made in our kitchen our Superseeds are dried at low temperatures and combined with 100% natural, organic ingredients that are not only packed full of nutritional goodness but bursting with flavour.

At Punch Foods we like to keep it raw.

Any super-food ingredient best eaten in its raw state is kept that way and added only after toasting to ensure you get ultimate crunch as well as the pure benefits of raw superfoods.

Seeds offer many immune boosting and health benefits; rich in amino acids, iron and zinc. High in fibre and protein and low in saturated fat they are a brilliant natural energy source.

A great alternative to the vast array of highly sugared, processed snacks available our uniquely artisan, premium (we only source the best) Superseeds are a deliciously satisfying health hit.

Using recycled materials and well-considered design, we have produced a portable, compact, secure and not to mention stylish tube to carry your super snack.

Ideal for on the go you can pour them straight from the tube into your mouth or, try sprucing up meals for a flavour punching, delicious crunch.