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Is Gellan Gum Vegan Find Out Here!

Is Gellan Gum Vegan? Find Out Here!

Is Gellan Gum Vegan? The answer is generally yes it is free from dairy products! Gellan gum is typically used as a food additive to stabilize, bind, or texture processed foods. It’s produced through fermentation which uses the species of bacteria Sphingomonas elodea, first discovered in 1978 in a lily plant from Pennsylvania. This gelling… Read More »Is Gellan Gum Vegan? Find Out Here!

Café Rio Gluten-free Options 2023

Café Rio Gluten-free Options 2024

Cafe Rio Gluten Free Menu Options 2024 Cafe Rio is a favorite destination for many diners, but dealing with dietary restrictions can make choosing from its menu difficult. If you want food that is gluten-free just like the owner Bob Nilsen wants, there are still many delicious options available to you in 2024! The nachos… Read More »Café Rio Gluten-free Options 2024

Sonic Vegan Options 2023

Sonic Vegan Options 2024

What’s Vegan At Sonic? While Sonic is most famous for its classic drive-in burgers and shakes, the fast-food establishment also has a wide variety of vegan options. So if you’re vegan, you can still enjoy Sonic as much as your friends and family. So what’s vegan at Sonic? There are several items that fit into… Read More »Sonic Vegan Options 2024

Carl's Jr Vegan Options 2023

Carl’s Jr Vegan Options 2024

Carl’s Jr Vegan Options In 2024 In 2024, Carl’s Jr will offer a variety of vegan options for its customers. With plant-based proteins and delicious vegan burgers, they are committed to expanding the range of options they have available. Not only will patrons of Carl’s Jr be able to enjoy vegan sandwiches, but now they… Read More »Carl’s Jr Vegan Options 2024

Outback Vegan Options In 2023

Outback Vegan Options In 2024

What’s Vegan At Outback Steakhouse? If you’re looking for vegan options at Outback Steakhouse, you’re in luck! Outback Steakhouse is one of the few steakhouses that offers multiple vegan choices. However, if you want to make sure your dish is free from animal-based toppings, the best option is to stick to the side options. At… Read More »Outback Vegan Options In 2024