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Are Airheads Vegan? Find Out Here!

Are Airheads Vegan ?Find Out Here!

Are Airheads Vegan?

Airheads candy is a delicious treat that everyone loves. But did you know that not all Airheads candies are 100% vegan? Some of the popular flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, and caramel. However, there are some flavors that have ingredients that aren’t vegan.

Are Airheads Vegan?

However, most Airheads candies are actually vegan. You’ll find that the majority of Airheads candies are made up of sugar, corn syrup, artificial food coloring, natural flavoring, and soy lecithin. There are no animal-based ingredients used in making most Airheads candies.

So if you’re wondering whether or not Airheads candy is vegan, then you can safely enjoy any of the vegan flavors without worrying about accidentally eating meat. It contains fatty acids, vitamins D3, B12, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

What Are Airheads?

What Are Airheads?

Airheads are chewy candies made by a Dutch-Italian company. These chewy candies come in a wide range of flavors including sour apple, grape, cherry, lemon-lime, orange, strawberry, etc.

Airheads are a very common candy across various states. There are several varieties available including bars, bites, gummy bears, gum, soft-filled bites, soulful, and extreme flavors. They are very chewy and delicious, making them unique among other types of candy.

If you love this chewy candy but you have turned vegan, you may wonder if you can still enjoy them. Well, we’ve analyzed such candies and found out that most fruity flavors are indeed vegan such as raspberry flavor.

Ingredients In Airheads Candy

Ingredients In Airheads Candy

Airheads candy is made with natural fruit juice concentrates, sugar, corn syrup solids, artificial flavorings, and food color. There are no preservative additives in the product. Here is an ingredient listing for the Airheads:

Original Airheads

Airheads candy is made with partially hydrogenated soybean oil, maltodextrin, dextrose, artificial colors, sugar, artificial flavors, red 40, yellow 6, blue 1, yellow 5, citric acid, water, modified food starch (corn), and corn syrup. These core ingredients may not seem very appetizing, but they are actually safe for vegans to eat.


Airheads candy bars are delicious treats that everyone loves. However, not everyone knows that minibars airheads contain corn syrup, modified wheat starch, maltodextrin, water, citric acid, sugar, artificial flavors, yellow 6, dextrose, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, artificial colors, red 40, blue 1, and yellow 5.

For those who are concerned about the ingredients in Airheads candy bars, there are plenty of alternatives available.

Big Bars

Airheads candy bars are big, delicious treats that come in a variety of flavors. These tasty treats are made with dextrose, corn syrup, maltodextrin, modified food starch (corn), sugar, and artificial flavors. Some vegans may object to using artificial ingredients, but most of us wouldn’t mind eating these sweet treats.

Partially hydrogenated soybean oil is used to give the bar its creamy texture. However, some vegans might not approve of partially hydrogenated oils due to concerns about heart disease.

There are no citric acid or natural flavors added to the candy bars. Instead, there are artificial colors and flavors. There are also red 40, blue 1, yellow 6, yellow 5, and water in the big bars.


Airheads candy is made with extreme ingredients. Sugar and artificial flavors are two of the most controversial ingredients in food. Some vegans avoid sugar altogether, while others only eat foods without any added sugars. However, there are plenty of vegan options available if you prefer not to consume sugar.

Airheads candy is made with artificial flavors, sugar, wheat flour, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, water, modified potato starch, fumaric acid, potassium citrate, salt, hydrogenated soybean oil, malic acid, citric acid, artificial color, blue 1, red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6.

Ingredients like these are common in most candies, so there’s no reason to avoid Airheads candy. Just remember that it does contain artificial flavors, sugar, and wheat flour.

Xtremes Peg Bag

Airheads candy is made with artificial flavors, corn syrup, wheat flour, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, modified potato citric acid, potassium citrate, salt, hydrogenated soybean oil, starch, water, malic acid, artificial color, blue 1, yellow, red 40, yellow 5.

Do Airheads Contain Any Gluten?

Do Airheads Contain Any Gluten?

Airheads Bites are not only gluten-free, but they are also vegan. However, there are some flavors that contain gluten in them. These include the flavors that contain wheat flour as an ingredient.

All the other flavors are gluten-free. All the flavors of Airheads except for those that contain wheat flour as a main questionable ingredient are gluten-free. They don’t contain any pork.

Gelatin is derived from collagen, which is a protein found in animals’ connective tissues. Collagen is used in food manufacturing to thicken sauces, gravies, soups, and desserts. Gelatin is extracted from animal sources like pigs, cows, sheep, horses, and chickens.

Gelatin is considered to be a vegan product. Gelatin is derived from collagen which is a protein found naturally in animals. Gelatin is extracted using an acid hydrolysis process. Acid hydrolysis is a chemical reaction where acids react with proteins to break down the bonds between amino acids.

Gelatin comes from animals. Gelatin forms are derived mostly from pig skins and cattle bones. Gelatin is also produced from horse hooves, cow hooves, chicken feet, and even human hair. Gelatin tastes sweet and slightly salty. Gelatin is commonly used in ice cream, cakes, puddings, candies, and jellies.

Gelatin can be used as a substitute for animal products. Gelatin is used in many foods because it helps retain moisture and add body to foods. Gelatin is used to thicken sauces, gravy, soup, and dessert. Gelatin is also used to stabilize emulsions and improve texture.

Vegan And Non-vegan Airheads Product List

Vegan And Non-vegan Airheads Product List

Airheads gum is made out of sugar and corn syrup. So if you’re following a strict vegan diet, you’ll want to avoid buying any Airheads gum. However, there are two types of Airheads gum that are vegan: original Airheads gum and Airheads bars.

Original Airheads gum is made out only of natural debatable ingredients, including water, sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors, rice starch, and natural gums. There are no blatant animal-based ingredients used in its production.

Airheads bars are made out of sugar, corn syrup, soy lecithin, and artificial flavorings. These bars are vegan, but they still contain gelatin as their core component.

Vegan Airheads flavors include Airheads Bars, Airheads Gum- white mystery, Original Airheads, Airheads Xtreme Peg Bag, Non-Vegan Flavors, and Airheads Xtremes.

Non-vegan Airheads products include Airheads Bites, Airheads Xtremes soulful, Airheads Xtreme PEG bags, Airheads Gummies, and Airheads Soft Filled Bites. All of these products contain gelatin as their core components.

So if you’re strictly vegan, you should avoid buying any Airheads products that contain gelatin. But if you’re willing to compromise, you can buy Airheads gum, Airheads bars, Airheads Bites, and Airheads Xtremes.


Airheads are delicious treats that everyone loves. But if you’re vegan, you may find yourself wondering whether or not they’re actually vegan. You should definitely check the ingredient list carefully before eating any airhead.

Gelatin is a common ingredient in airheads, so they’re not necessarily vegan. However, there are alternatives available. You can look for airheads made without gelatin, or you can try making your own airheads at home using alternative ingredients.

Knowing about the gelatin content is an important step towards a healthier lifestyle. Airheads are delicious treats that we all enjoy, but if you’re vegan, it’s worth checking the ingredient list carefully before indulging.

Airheads Vegan is a vegan product line made by Airhead Foods. However, they still contain some of the debatable non-vegan ingredients we’ve discussed in this article.

Therefore, strict vegans may eventually decide to avoid those “vegan” products. At the same time, if your diet consists mostly of vegan foods, you may still find yourself eating Airheads Vegan products.

Regardless of whether you’re a strict vegan or not, there are plenty of reasons to avoid Airheads Vegan products. These include the following:

  • Airheads Vegan products are loaded with artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and chemicals.
  • Airheads Vegan products add artificial colors to their food.
  • Airheads Vegan products have high sodium levels.
  • Airheads Vegan products lack nutritional value.
  • Airheads Vegan products suffer from poor quality control.
  • There are healthier options available for vegans.

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