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Amy Toliver

Hey'all I'm Amy, a born foodie and diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago. I refused to cave into tasteless, boring gulten free food and create my own! On my blog you'll find info & cool facts along with recipes, all on gluten free foods!

Is Guacamole Gluten Free?

Is Guacamole Gluten Free? Let’s Find Out!

A favorite dip among American households, avocado guacamole is great for those living  on a plant based diet. The average guacamole recipe is vegetarian friendly, and can be easily assembled with fresh ingredients and a few ripe avocados.  Is guacamole gluten free? Yes! A plant based dip, homemade guacamole is naturally gluten free. However, check… Read More »Is Guacamole Gluten Free? Let’s Find Out!