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Chukwuma Confidence, BSc NTD, RDN

I'm Chukwuma Confidence. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 5years of experience supporting my clients in cross-sector. My profession has a slogan “Nutrition the best Medicine” - which I diligently live by. And as a lover of science who knows the effectiveness of its application to human health, creating a platform where people get informed on the best nutrition for their health is a dream I am tirelessly working to achieve, and in no distant time, it will be a dream come true.

Does blueberries have seeds?

Do Blueberries Have Seeds? Read Here

Do Blueberries Have Seeds? Blueberries are a category of perennial flowering plants with blue or purple berries that are extensively dispersed and ubiquitous. Within the genus Vaccinium, they are categorised under the section Cyanococcus. Cranberries, bilberries, and huckleberries are all members of the same genus. All commercial blueberries are native to North America, both wild… Read More »Do Blueberries Have Seeds? Read Here

Brown Vs Golden Flax Seed - Which is Better?

Brown Vs Golden Flax Seed – Which is Better?

Are Brown & Golden Flax Seeds The Same? If your looking to incorporate flax seed into your diet due to its nutritional benefits, you might have come across both brown and golden flax seed and wondered if there is a difference between the two? Brown and golden flaxseed have a very similar nutritional makeup, the… Read More »Brown Vs Golden Flax Seed – Which is Better?

Are Magnolia Seeds Edible? Let's Find Out!

Are Magnolia Seeds Edible? Let’s Find Out!

Magnolia Seeds: Are They Edible? If you’ve got a stunning magnolia tree in your backyard, you might have wondered if the seeds of this beautiful tree are edible.  Magnolia seeds are not edible but birds and squirrels can eat them, the seeds are not poisonous but are not digestible, and they also taste very bitter.  Down… Read More »Are Magnolia Seeds Edible? Let’s Find Out!

Are Orange Seeds Edible?

Are Orange Seeds Edible? Let’s Find Out!

Can You Eat Orange Seeds? Are They Edible? Are Orange Seeds Edible Are you curious about whether orange seeds are edible? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will debunk the myth surrounding orange seeds and explore their nutritional value. We’ll also discuss the potential health benefits of eating orange seeds and… Read More »Are Orange Seeds Edible? Let’s Find Out!