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Benefits Of Flax Seeds For Erectile Dysfunction – Read Here

Benefits Of Flax Seeds For Erectile Dysfunction

Are Flax Seeds Good For Erectile Dysfunction? – Our Guide!

Have you ever been curious about how what you can eat can affect how you perform in the bedroom, we call this a link between aphrodisiacs and libido, but what about flax seeds and erectile dysfunction, are they linked? 

Flax seeds can reduce testosterone in both men and women, but the seeds are not directly linked to erectile dysfunction and do have numerous health benefits when included in your diet.

Are Flax Seeds Good For Erectile Dysfunction?

Down below in our informational guide, we will take you through what libido is and how it’s linked to erectile dysfunction, if food is linked to this, the causes of erectile dysfunction, the benefits of flax seeds and foods you should have/avoid.

What Is Libido?

Before we can get into learning about food and how it can affect our sex drive, let’s first discuss what Libido is, since this is a strong factor which influences the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

Libido is basically the proper term for sex drive, libido naturally goes up and down and varies from person to person depending on the human body and other factors such as a healthy diet, healthy blood flow, emotional health and heart health. 

Is Food And Erectile Dysfunction Linked? 

Since food can influence sex hormones and libido it can defiantly play a factor when it comes to having erectile dysfunction.

For example, it’s proven that a diet which is very high in saturated fatty acids can have an impact on your sexual health since it’s increasing the chance of getting heart disease which is linked to ED.

Flax seeds in particular have a compound called lignans which have been proven to lower testosterone levels in men and women, but not enough to have a direct link to getting ED. 

Luckily, if food can be a contributing factor to getting ED, then it can also be a factor to reduce your chances of getting erectile dysfunction too. 

We’ve listed some foods to focus on including in your diet if you suffer from erectile dysfunction down below. 

  • Oats.
  • Brown rice, quinoa and barley

We made an article about Flax Seed Recipes For Breakfast that will surely help you with your diet.

Foods To Avoid 

  • Fatty food. 
  • Full-fat dairy. 
  • Sugar and alcohol.
  • Processed foods.

Other Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Now we know food can potentially have an impact on erectile sexual dysfunction, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the other causes of ED to make sure you can rule out all possible factors before changing your diet.

  • Vascular disease – Where the blood flow to the penis becomes narrowed, leading to sexual dysfunction.
  • Neurological disorders – Disorders such as MS or diabetes can damage the nerves which automatically send impulses to the penis and prevent it from working properly.
  • Psychological states – Stress and depression are big factors which can cause ED which often goes unnoticed, they can also impact sexual function in women and general libido.
  • Trauma – A traumatic incident can lead to symptoms of ED, especially if you previously did not suffer from libido issues before.

Benefits Of Flax Seeds For Men

Despite flax seeds being known to reduce testosterone, these seeds are full of antioxidants which can be beneficial to your health as a man, in fact, they are even proven to help libido sex drive in both genders. 

We’ve listed some further benefits to including flax seeds into your diet as a man down below. 

  • They are high in omega-3 fatty acids – Flax seeds contain ALA fatty acids which are very beneficial to the body, reducing inflammation and helping to protect you against type 2 diabetes. 
  • Lots of anti-oxidants – Flaxseeds are very high in polyphenols which are anti-oxidants, these help to protect you against oxidative stress, cancer and other diseases. 
  • Good for cholesterol – Flax seeds can help to lower and maintain healthy cholesterol levels in men, LDL cholesterol for example can be lowered by up to 15%.
  • High in fibre – This seed is super high in fibre and protein for just a small serving size making it an excellent health food choice to integrate into your daily diet.

You can find out more here about What Are Flax Seeds Good For.

The Top Foods Which Can Boost Libido 

Now we have discussed if libido can affect erectile dysfunction let’s discuss the top foods which can help to boost your sex drive and erectile health. 

Red Wine 

It’s not a food, but we’re not complaining, red wine is high in quercetin which can help increase blood flow in the body, it is important to stress that we mean drinking in moderation however, two glasses or more can lead to health risks which could reverse your sex drive if you are not careful.

Flax Seeds 

Lots of antioxidants in ground flax seeds mean a boost in blood flow to sexual organs, and the omega-3 fatty acids also can contribute to a better sex drive. 

Dark Chocolate 

If you are a lover of chocolate, there is good news, dark chocolate can boost your sexual libido by helping the hormone production of dopamine, the antioxidants in this chocolate can also help to boost blood flow and relax muscles, aiding in better circulation to the penis.


Rich in vitamin E and mono-saturated fats, avocado is very good for the body and skin health, plus it’s good for your heart, and good heart health is linked to a lower chance of getting ED. It also lowers the chance of getting metabolic syndrome which can cause ED in men.

Pumpkin Seeds 

Packed with zinc and magnesium, pumpkin seeds have antioxidative properties which are important for sexual health, full of omega-three fatty acids they are also known to reduce inflammation in the body.


Oysters are rich in zinc which is important for producing testosterone which is linked to sexual desire. It also helps thyroid hormones which are important for energy in the bedroom!


Beetroots might be a more surprising food of choice, but this veg is rich in nitrates which help to expand blood vessels and boost your sex life. This veg can also help to manage blood pressure and blood flow to the penis.


Some meats are very high in amino acids which can boost your libido, chicken and beef, in particular, contain L-arginine, Carnitine and Zinc which can all help with blood flow, we do suggest having red meat in moderation however since it can have an effect on heart health.

Pomegranate Seeds 

High in anti-oxidants, pomegranate seeds help boost blood flow in the body and improve testosterone levels, we would suggest consuming these seeds in moderation however since they can be very high in sugar.

The Top Foods Which Can Boost Libido

Fatty Fish 

Fish such as sardines and salmon are high in omega-3 fatty acids, this acid is essential for good blood flow since it stops the build-up of plaque in your body. Apart from this they also lower the chances of having high cholesterol. 


Apples are high in quercetin which is a flavonoid, this fruit can boost circulation in the body and help with symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it can also reduce blood pressure and help with hypertension which can affect libido in some people.

Top Foods Which Can Affect Testosterone Production

A major cause of erectile dysfunction is low libido in men, and low libido can come from poor testosterone production and prostate health. 

If you’re looking to improve your testosterone production we recommend avoiding or having the following foods below in moderation.

Processed Foods 

The high trans fats which are found in processed fast food and snacks can have an impact on your testosterone levels plus in general, it’s bad for your health, increasing the chance of getting heart disease. 


Alcohol in moderation like red wine can boost libido, but excess alcohol consumption does the opposite, impairing sexual desire in men, for men it can lower testosterone function and for women it can boost it.

Vegetable Oil 

Large amounts of veggie oil such as soybean and cottonseed oil can impact testosterone levels in men due to the high amount of polyunsaturated fats which should be consumed in moderation.

Soy Products

Soy-based foods like tofu and soy milk can affect testosterone production in men, this is because soy-based products contain something called phytoestrogen which can imitate estrogen-like chemicals in men.

Liquorice Root

Daily intake of liquorice root can boost glycyrrhizic acid intake which can lower testosterone levels in men and even affect the product during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flax Seeds & Erectile Dysfunction 

Is watermelon a natural viagra?

Watermelon is high in an amino acid called citrulline which can relax blood vessels in the body and help people with ED.

What is the fastest way to cure ED?

If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, it’s first important to try lifestyle changes to exercise and diet. After this counselling and medication might be used, surgery is the last resort for serious cases.

Do flax seeds help prostate health? 

Flax seeds have been proven to reduce PSA levels in men which can help to reduce aggressive prostate tumours when taken daily.

Can lemon juice help ED?

Lemon juice, when combined with viagra, has been slightly proven to help people suffering from erectile dysfunction, however, the research behind this is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flax Seeds & Erectile Dysfunction

Last Words

To conclude, flax seeds are nutritious food and high in antioxidants, the omega-3 fatty acids in these seeds can help support a better blood flow in the body and keep the heart healthy, helping people who suffer from ED. 

It is proven that flax seeds can also lower testosterone however so should be consumed mindfully in moderation.

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