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What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming BodyArmor Sports Drink?

What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming BodyArmor Sports Drink?

What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming BodyArmor Sports Drink?

Body Armor is a popular sports drink on the market, promising to be more ‘natural’ than other kinds of sports drinks, having lots of nutrients, electrolytes and no artificial flavouring or dyes.

Body armor drinks are good for you depending on the type of drink you choose, although some of their options can be high in caffeine which is not good for people with high blood pressure or high in sugar, which should be avoided if you suffer from diabetes.

We’ve put together an informational guide which will take you through more about the pros and cons of sports drinks, detailed reviews of each Body Armor drinks type and some natural alternatives.

Who Is Body Armor?

Before we get into our guide to Body Armor and sports drinks, let’s begin with a little background on who Body Armor is and how it came to be a popular sports drink.

Body Amor has been around since 2011 but recently became popular when the brand Coca-Cola bought a stake in it, it then also became the official drink for UFC.

They are known for being free of artificial colourings and having a natural variety of flavors, some to name are; fruit punch, pineapple strawberry and berry lemonade.

Are Sports Drinks Good For Athletic Performance?

Although Body Armour is a very popular sports nutrition drink brand, many people wonder if these official sports drink options do much when it comes to improving athletic performance.

Sports drinks have been proven to help athletic performance when drunk at the right time for the right activity in comparison to a normal juice drink, this is because energy drinks are full of electrolytes to help with dehydration, the caffeine can help energy expenditure too.

We’ve listed the general pros and cons of having an ordinary sports drink below.

Pros & Cons Of Drinking Sports Drinks

If you are not too sure if drinking sports drinks are worth it for your athletic performance, we’ve listed some pros and cons of having them below.

Pros Of Drinking Sports Drinks

Sports drinks have lots of benefits when consumed pre-workout or during long endurance exercise.

They provide fast rehydration thanks to the salts and electrolytes, give energy due to the carbs and are especially excellent to consume in hot weather.

  • Energy boosting.
  • Fast re-hydration.
  • Stops dehydration.

Cons Of Drinking Sports Drinks

Although sports drinks are a great beverage for consumers who work out often, there are some drawbacks when it comes to how they affect body function.

For example, some sports drinks can be loaded with sugar, for the average consumer, this can be too much, especially if consumed on a sedentary lifestyle. They can also lead to hyper salivating or high blood pressure due to the caffeine.

  • Loaded with sugar.
  • High caffeine.
  • Not ideal for a sedentary lifestyle.

Body Armor Drinks – Are They Worth It?

Now we’ve done a general overview of the pros and cons of sports drinks and gotten to know a little bit about Body Armor drinks, let’s move on to their drinks and go into their ingredients and any side effects they might have.

BodyArmor Lyte

Bodyarmor lyte has some ingredients such as citric acid, natural flavors and a blend of added vitamins, which can have some side effects, for example, citric acid can cause inflammatory effects in some people, and added vitamins have no benefits.

This drink however is made of healthy coconut water and vegetable juice, plus it is sweetened with stevia rather than cane sugar, making it a healthier choice for diabetics.

BodyArmor Water

This is one of the healthiest drinks offered by Bodyarmor, the water contains a reverse osmosis process and added electrolytes, it is an alkaline water which is said to be very good for athletic performance.


Regular Body Armour drinks have a high amount of sugar from sugar cane and come in a variety of flavours, the glucose from cane sugar in these drinks can be up to 21g which is not good for the human body.

Its formula also contains citric acid and natural flavours, it does however have coconut water and vegetable juice which is beneficial for you.

BodyArmor Edge

This is one of Body Armours’ strongest drinks, it contains a lot of sugar, up to 44g making it very high in glucose and not good for the average sweet drink, especially if you have diabetes.

The sweet electrolyte drink also has around 100mg of caffeine which is around a cup of coffee, this can be a lot when consumed in addition to regular coffee drinks.

We would recommend avoiding these sugar-sweetened drinks.

Natural Alternatives To Armour Sports Drinks

If you find Body Armour drinks to be too high in sugar, there are many other more natural ordinary sports drink brands to check out on the market.

We’ve listed a few alternatives below.

Natural Brands

  • Roar organic – This drink uses erythritol for sweetness and coconut water for hydration.
  • NOOMA organic – Made with very high-quality ingredients and coconut water extract, uses stevia instead of sugar.


  • Coconut water – Coconut water itself has lots of anti-oxidants and is full of electrolytes to rehydrate the body.
  • Aloe water – This water is full of vitamins and has great anti-inflammatory effects on the body.
  • Watermelon water – Watermelon is a great natural workout drink and is full of electrolytes more than standard sports drinks.

FAQs About Body Armor Sports Drinks

Are Body Armour drinks better for you than Gatorade drinks?

Some BodyArmor drink options are better for you than Gatorade drinks since they are sweetened with stevia, Gatorade drinks can be high in sugar.

Do Bodyarmor drinks have caffeine?

Some Bodyarmor drinks do contain caffeine which is to help athletic performance, they should be consumed in moderation, however, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure.

What are the healthiest sports drinks?

The healthiest sports drinks contain little to no sugar and electrolytes, the more natural and simple the ingredients the better, try to choose drinks with a natural sweetener.

Can you drink BodyArmor drinks daily?

You can have a BodyArmor drink every day, we would, however, suggest limiting consumption if choosing sports drinks which contain sugar.

Last Words

Overall, Bodyarmor drinks can have some side effects due to their high sugar content and caffeine content, we, therefore, suggest having them in moderation.

To keep side effects low we recommend choosing the healthier kinds of sports drinks such as the Bodyarmor water product or Bodyarmor lyte which have much less sugar.

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