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Café Rio Gluten-free Options 2024

Café Rio Gluten-free Options 2023

Cafe Rio Gluten Free Menu Options 2024

Cafe Rio is a favorite destination for many diners, but dealing with dietary restrictions can make choosing from its menu difficult. If you want food that is gluten-free just like the owner Bob Nilsen wants, there are still many delicious options available to you in 2024!

The nachos section of Cafe Rio’s menu provides several gluten-free meats and dairy products that work with various toppings. Ask your server to omit any ingredients that contain wheat flour such as pico de gallo and chips. Instead, choose chile roast beef, fire-grilled chicken, or carne asada for your protein. You can also opt for their black beans and cilantro lime rice selections.

End your meal on a sweet note with their famous horchata – a refreshing cinnamon drink made without wheat flour or sugar. This flavor explosion will leave you wanting more after every visit!

Although Cafe Rio does not guarantee that cross-contamination can be avoided entirely, they do promote the use of practices such as using separate utensils for preparing gluten-free foods to prevent exposure. Contact the restaurant ahead of time if you have any special requests so they can prepare accordingly when you arrive.



Cafe Rio offers a variety of gluten-free meats for those who are looking for a delicious and safe meal. Their selection includes Chile Roast Beef, Fire-Grilled Chicken, and Carne Asada.

All of these options can be enjoyed in the form of nachos or served alongside beans and rice like their Cilantro Lime Rice. Although only a few gluten-free options are available, Cafe Rio still guarantees something for you!

However, due to the nature of the food at Cafe Rio’s, the risk of cross-contamination is inevitably high. When all flour-rich food is prepped in the same area, gluten particles from flour-rich type of food can freely transfer to gluten-free food.

Cafe Rio does not claim to be a gluten-free restaurant and they state that there is no guarantee for cross contact to be avoided entirely. Therefore, anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should consider other options if their dietary needs require completely avoiding cross contamination.

Sauces and Dressings

Sauces and Dressings

They offer a variety of sauces and lime dressings, however, not all of them are gluten-free. While there are only a few gluten-free options available, you can still enjoy some tasty dishes. The cafe offers several options of delicious nachos that can be made with gluten-free Chile Roast Beef, Fire-Grilled Chicken, or Carne Asada.

The sauces used with these nachos are also gluten free. The Black Beans and Cilantro Lime Rice selection is another perfect option for those looking for something more filling yet still gluten-free. For dessert, choose a sweet Horchata as it’s free from allergens including wheat/gluten.

Although Cafe Rio does not claim to be a gluten-free restaurant due to the nature of the food and the possibility for cross contamination when all food is prepped in the same area, diners with sensitivity or celiac disease would do well to check their menu offerings first before eating there.



Toppings are a great way to change up your gluten-free Cafe Rio meal! All of their options are topped with handmade salsa, sour cream, and lettuce. You can also add toppings like grilled peppers and onions, shredded cheese, cotija cheese, guacamole, jalapenos, and cilantro.

However, you should be aware of regular flour tortillas that may have been handled in the same area—these should all be avoided. Additionally, pico de gallo and queso typicament contain some wheat ingredients so these should also be avoided when ordering a gluten-free meal.

Overall, there is still plenty of room for customization when ordering from Cafe Rio as a gluten-free individual! Enjoy nachos or beans and rice with an array of delicious topping options to mix things up from time to time.

Dessert and Drinks

Dessert and Drinks

Although Cafe Rio isn’t a true gluten-free restaurant, they still offer a few options for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. Enjoy nachos filled with your choice of Chile Roast Beef, Fire-Grilled Chicken, or Carne Asada. You can also choose from delicious black beans and cilantro lime rice selection.

For dessert, enjoy the sweet Horchata drink! However, be aware that due to the nature of fresh food preparation at Cafe Rio’s there is a risk of cross-contamination. Cafe Rio does not guarantee against this so those who are very sensitive to gluten may want to opt out entirely.

Whether you decide to indulge in the nachos with rice and beans selections or just have some Horchata for an afternoon pick-me-up, there are certainly plenty of delicious options at Cafe Rio – even if you have dietary restrictions!

Alternatives to Café Rio

Alternatives to Café Rio

One alternative is to look for restaurants and food industry in your area that focus entirely on serving gluten-free dishes. These establishments ensure that your meal is not only properly cooked, but prepared with the utmost care and attention to avoid any accidental cross contamination from flour-containing items.

Many of these eateries also provide dairy free and vegan options as well so people with more than one dietary restriction can dine out safely.

Costa Vida

Costa Vida is an excellent option for those looking for a gluten-free cafe experience. Costa Vida is a fast food, casual dining restaurant chain serving fresh Mexican dishes all made with real ingredients. Every single meal served at Costa Vida is gluten-free, since their corn tortillas are completely free of flour and wheat.

Consequently, if you’re looking for a quick and healthy meal that caters to both vegetarians and people on a gluten-free diet, head over to the nearest Costa Vida restaurant near your home or workplace.

Plus, the meals at Costa Vida are affordably priced so that everybody can enjoy their favorite Mexican dish without breaking the bank!

Del Taco

Del Taco is another great option if you’re looking for a quick and healthy meal that caters to both vegetarians and people on a gluten-free diet. With over 400 locations nationwide, they offer many wheat, flour, and dairy-free options. Their menu includes tacos, burritos, bowls, salads, nachos and more.

They also have some unique items like the Epic Burrito or Epic Queso Burrito which are filled with house-made signature ingredients like barbacoa beef. Many of their fillings contain no dairy products or egg whites so those with allergies can still enjoy the variety of flavors on their menu safely.

El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco’s menu offers a variety of options with something for everyone including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, combo meals, salads, chilled cantaloupe juice and even cafe rio gluten free dishes.

The restaurant has an impressive selection of fillings so you can create a meal that meets your dietary requirements such as vegetarian omelet wraps made with cauliflower rice or fajita bowls with grilled chicken or steak.

The restaurant also offers catering services so you can provide delicious El Pollo Loco food to larger gatherings and meetings. That way you don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone’s palate without breaking the bank! So if you’re looking to add a delicious and filling option to your dinner table on any given night.

Tio Pablo

At Tio Pablo, you’ll find that all of the mexican food is made with fresh ingredients by seasoned chefs whose main goal is to bring flavorsome meals to your table. You can opt for customizable dishes such as their Fajita Bowls where you pick whatever meat and toppings you would like.

Or if you’re feeling indecisive then try out one of their signature combinations like Arroz Con Pollo, Jack Cheese or Grilled Chicken Ranch Tacos. And because everything is made from scratch using fresh ingredients, it’s always medically safe for those who adhere strictly to a gluten free diet.

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