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Can Basil Seeds Help Lose Weight? Read On!

Can Basil Seeds Help Lose Weight?

Basil seeds, or sabja seeds, are common seeds for weight loss in India. These black seeds aren’t your traditional medicine, but are commonly found among the lists of so called ‘super foods’ you maybe have heard about in health news outlets. So, what’s all the fuss about these gelatinous seeds?

Can Basil Seeds Help Lose Weight?

Can basil seeds help lose weight? Yes! When putting these seeds in water, they will swell up and begin to release anti-oxidants and digestive enzymes. Warm water promotes these digestive enzymes, and combined with fatty acids found inside, these become the perfect seeds for weight loss.

Like many super foods you’ll find on the internet, the seeds produced by sweet basil plants will claim any number of health benefits. Some of these can be absurb, but we’re here to find out the fact and the fiction of it all. If you’re looking to include sabja seeds into your daily diet, then keep reading.

The process of weight loss can be a tough and arduous journey, without any shortcuts. Still, thanks to their content and role as an effective appetite suppressant, basil seeds can certainly feel like cheating. A loss of appetite means less eating, which naturally leads to weight loss without those horrible stomach pains.

Using Sabja for Weight Loss

As stated before, enzymes released when the seeds are submerged in chilled water can lead to a faster breakdown of food in the body. Praised in both Indian Ayurvedic medicine, as well as Chinese medicine, these enzymes are the product of a white film that forms when the seeds swell. 

Sweet basil seed also has a high fibre content. In only four grams of basil seeds, you will have more fibre than an entire bulb of lettuce. Still, the preparation of basil seeds can vary, depending on how much you want to exploit the weight loss properties and essential nutrients in the seeds.

A proven method for fast weight loss results is to drink sweet basil seed soaked in water, while on an empty stomach. This Ayurvedic treatment will quickly digest any remaining food in your body, breaking it down with enzymes to quickly pass through you. On an empty stomach, these enzymes will also target belly fat.

When you eat later on, these enzymes will actually have the polar opposite effect. With high water retention, the gelatinous substance you injested will delay digestion thanks to excess water, supressing your appetite and your need to eat. If you don’t feel hungry, then you’re unlikely to eat in excess, leading to a loss of food.

Common basil seeds are full of alpha linolenic acid, which is part of the healthy amount of omega 3 fatty acids present in this incredible weight loss seed. You’ll also find omega 6 fatty acids present, and when the two combine in the concoction of basil seeds they encourage healthy metabolism. 

Nutritional Benefits of Sabja Seeds

The nutritional profile of basil seeds isn’t too dissimlar to chia seeds. A rich source of protein, basil seeds are also ideal to be included in vegetarian or vegan diets. On top of your dietary protein, you’ll find many key vitamins and mineral inside sabja, that might otherwise be difficult to fit into a weight loss programme.

In basil seeds, you can find a quality source of potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and folic acid. While modern fad diets will try to give you shortcuts with sneaky treats here and there, basil seeds use the same fundamentals as traditional medicine and practical weight loss regiments.

If the nutrient content and the host of health benefits don’t make you want to try this, then at least consider chia seeds instead. Although not exactly the same suppressant, chia seeds are still a solid method of getting your nutrient, vitamin, and folic acid needs. 

Can Basil Seeds Help Lose Weight?

Full of essential vitamins and iron content, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more nutrient concentrated seed. Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C are all present. Such high amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A are rarely seen outside of fresh cut fruits and fruit juice, but this seed has it all.

Basil Seeds and Digestive Health

If you struggle with bowel movements, then you may be in need of more fibre. Metabolic imbalances can cause a whole host of problems, but usually result from a shortage or deficiency of one key ingredient that the human body needs. 

The fiber content of these crunchy seeds, as previously mentioned, will more than suffice for your dietary fibre content. Many high fiber foods can be difficult to digest, but the digestive properties of chia seeds makes them the perfect solution to a difficult intenstinal tract.

Sabja Seeds for Hair and Skin Care

Hair growth can be promoted by basil seeds, but they are also handy for keeping hair healthy. Being full of iron, protein, and vitamin K, getting healthy hair has never been easier than with sabja. Trust us when we say, your hair roots will thank you. 

Basil seeds can also slowdown visible signs of premature aging, thanks to vitamin E. This is the same vision that can help your vision too! If you’re looking for blemish free skin, then sabja may be the answer. Vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K promote healthy skin cells, leading to naturally beautiful skin. 

Using Basil Seeds to Control Blood Sugar

Blood pressure and blood sugar is a common concern in people currently engaged in the process of weight loss. Their daily diet before trying to lose will typically contain junk foods, which pack on pounds of fat but also cause obstructions in the cardiovascular system. 

These amazing seeds will lower blood sugar levels. Not only do they delay digestion to surpress appetite, but they slow the release of glucose into the blood stream, helping delay rising blood sugar levels. This can be especially important in people suffering from diabetes, a common byproduct of obesity. 

Elevated blood sugar levels can result in poor blood circulation, and lead to blood clotting. This can then lead to difficulties exercising, as blood struggles to reach your muscles and properly react to provide energy. Since exercise is such a large part of losing weight as well, basil seeds can provide a solution.

By minimising blood clotting, helping you avoid health complications such as heart disease, you will be able to fully exercise and lose that unwanted weight. The human body composition can be very complicated, with so many parts to manage and care for, but sabja can help you handle a large portion.

Sabja seeds are also a natural body coolant. Worried about exercising your body during summer on a particular hot day? Natural coolants will reduce your body heat, and basil seeds can be enjoyed in some chilled milk with fresh fruits for amazing health benefits and s delicious pre-workout drink. 

Cold milk and fresh fruits are best enjoyed with low or no fat milk. If you’re still looking to lose weight the vegetarian or vegan way, then try unsweetened almond milk instead. Unsweetened almond milk, like other dairy products, can be a good source of energy with your sabja. 

If you prefer, plain water will suffice. Temperature can influence the enzymes, but most people prefer drinking chilled water over lukewarm water. A glass of water or a cup of water will do, but make sure there is plenty of excess water as the seeds will absorb some of this moisture.

If you use drinking water in a morning detox water, a common drink for health conscious people around the world, then sabja seeds water can be a good source of antioxidants. If lukewarm water and sabja seeds water (using dry sabja seed powder) sound unappealing, then try lemon and honey water for a sweeter, but natural, taste. 

How Basil Seeds Treat Acid Reflux and Heartburn

A few grams of basil seeds or a teaspoon of dry sabja seed powder is all you need to help mitigate heartburn and acid reflux. Acids in sabja seeds are plentiful, and necessary for fat breakdown. The benefits from sabja seeds and black basil seeds are that you are unlikely to suffer heartburn or acid reflux from ingesting them. 

Sabja Seed Side Effects

While beneficial in many regards, you may find some adverse effects. Basil seeds should not be injested regularly by children or pregnant women. Fpr pregnant women, the sabja seeds can reduce estrogen levels, causing difficulty during labour. While for children, the seeds may pose a choking hazard if not prepared carefully. 

Can Basil Seeds Help Lose Weight?

Despite these potential digestive side effects however, you will likely be fine thanks to the immense health benefits present. The nutrient content in foods can be beneficial to your weight loss journey, and the nutrient content of these super seeds is really no different. 

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