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Can You Eat Guava Seeds? Read Here

Can You Eat Guava Seeds?

Can You Eat Guava Seeds?

While anyone can tell you how healthy it is to enjoy fruit and fruit juices, the healthy nature of guava seeds does come into question due to their smaller size.

Can You Eat Guava Seeds?

Can you eat guava seeds? Yes! Seeds from ripe guavas are just as edible as the fruit and just as healthy as a glass of guava juice might be. 

Although the tart flavor of guavas is lost in the seeds somewhat, they can be a very effective superfood if prepared and consumed correctly. 

Like many seeds, their small size makes them highly efficient in terms of nutrients and vitamins. Then again, you will have to be consuming a decent volume of them.

The question, therefore, isn’t so much “are guava seeds edible?” and is instead “what is the best way to enjoy guava seeds?”

Seeds in guava should be softer than apple seeds, but seeds in guava tend to be as nutritionally packed as pomegranate seeds, making them a superfood. 

Health Benefits of Guava Seeds

Green guavas are as healthy as any fruit; they come with fructose, a natural sugar that is better for your body than excessive amounts of glucose. 

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Fresh fruit enthusiasts will cut the guava fruit in pieces, or press it for guava juice. However, modern diets also suggest enjoying the seeds as well. 

Sweet guavas won’t retain the same flavors inside their seeds, but the seeds do not have an unpleasant taste. In fact, they are easy to cover up with other ingredients. 

The seeds, much like fruit pulp, are a great way to lower blood pressure and promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Just another bonus to an already nutritious fruit. 

Tropical fruits are especially famous for their taste, but guava seeds have been known to promote weight loss. Ideal if you want to slim down. 

This is because they are highly efficient as a portion of food, small in size so you are left feeling full even after eating a large amount of them. 

Similarly, because they aren’t filled with toxins or weight gain promoters like unsaturated fat or glucose, your body will be full of nutrients instead!

Health Benefits of Guava Seeds

How to Eat Guava Seeds

There are several ways to enjoy guava, and to some extent, guava seeds can be enjoyed in the same way as the green or yellow-coloured fruit. 

Tossing some seeds into a fruit salad can be a great way of getting them into your diet, while enjoying the full benefit of the other fruits around. 

Slices of guava have been turned into guava chutney before, and the small size of the seeds and their weak taste make them ideal to be slipped into this neat dip. 

Consumers can find a wide range of products based on guava’s unique attributes. Guavas can be eaten fresh or preserved into jellies, jams or chutneys. 

As previously mentioned, all of these ways of enjoying guava can easily incorporate guava seeds as well. Why not toss some seeds into a blender for your smoothie?

Guavas can also be used to make wine, and vinegar, or to produce fruit punch or soda pop. The leaves from the guava plant also have antibacterial properties, so this fruit really does go above and beyond. 

Health Benefits of Guava Fruit

Guava is a delicious fruit native to South America and other parts of the tropics. The flesh of the guava fruit is savory and sweet at the same time.

In addition to their culinary uses, guavas are beneficial for humans in other ways. For example, guavas contain high concentrations of vitamin C and dietary fiber.

The high concentration of vitamin C in guava fruit promotes healthy skin and promotes collagen production in the body.

Dietary fiber increases the speed at which food passes through the digestive system (which helps with healthy digestion and weight loss).

Additionally, guavas contain potassium, calcium, magnesium and numerous other minerals needed for human health.

This exotic green-skinned fruit really packs a punch when it comes to being health conscious, and the delicious taste makes it enjoyable to be healthy. 

How to Remove Seeds From a Guava Fruit

The simplest method is to just split the guava in two and begin spoon-fishing for the seeds. However, the quickest option to take is to simply sift through a colinder the guava if you intend to use it for other dishes.

How to Remove Seeds From a Guava Fruit

Simply pass the guava through a strainer after it has been cooked, mashed, or pureed. It should be simple to isolate the seeds.

Boiling and soaking the guava helps soften the fruit and seeds if you wish to remove them before preparation.

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