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Can You Put Chia Seeds In Hot Tea? Read Here!

Can You Put Chia Seeds In Hot Tea?

Can You Put Chia Seeds In Hot Tea? – Should You?

Formed by the chia plant, Salvia Hispanica, chia seeds are often touted as super food seeds by weight loss regimes and vegan diets (much like poppy seeds). However, can you fit these seeds in tea? Taking these seeds with hot water everyday can be tiresome, and a whole cup of water can leave you feeling bloated with so many seeds. 

Can You Put Chia Seeds In Hot Tea?

Can you put chia seeds in hot tea? Yes! Seed water is a great way to get plenty of other healthy nutrients, fats, and acids into your body as well.

Hot water and chia seed water is not too different from fresh fruit tea, or herbal green tea. However, unlike those teas these seeds in water can be enjoyed as a black tea with a cup of milk added as well. If you wish to keep it vegan, then use a milk alternative.

Black tea pairs well with almond milk, low fat coconut milk, cashew milk, or other alternative milk products. Any milk substitute works hot water, although cold water and few ice cubes can turn a glass of water into a sweet iced tea.

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Health Benefits of Chia Seed Tea

Seed water is filled with healthy benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids, usually only found in fish, fill chia seeds. The only downside being the need for cold water or hot water to ingest them, as chia seeds tend to be quite small. As a result, you will need to be ingesting them by the hundred.

The high fiber content in chia seeds also makes them great if you have digestive issues. A third of the chia seed is fiber, so thirty grams will give you ten grams of fiber. So why not toss these seeds into water or fruit juice to ease your bowel a little?

On top of all this and being an excellent source of fiber, calcium in chia seeds combined with milk in tea is great for your bone health. If enjoyed with a low fat milk or no milk at all, chia seed tea is also incredible for your heart health. 

Some artificial sweetner for extra flavor and sweetness is healthier than granulated sugar, and you can make this tea with hot water and a spare 3-5 minutes. 

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Health Benefits of Chia Seed Tea

How to Take Chia Seeds

Bags of teas are the most common way of making tea in the Western world, while tea leaves and strainers are still popular in Africa and Asia. However, this seed gel will need to be added to the tea, so make sure to add a few grams into the drink. 

If you’re looking to ease a bowel movement, these seeds are for you. They will float in suspension around the drink, much like the carbonated bubbles in a glass of cola. There, they can easily be swallowed down and enjoyed for all they’re worth. Learn more here if you want to know more about Do Chia Seeds Affect Hormones

You can also put the seeds in a variety of breakfast dishes you might not expect to enjoy first thing in the morning. Breakfast cereal, a berry breakfast pudding, or breakfast bars with commercial granolas and a crunchy texture all pair excellently with chia seed tea. 

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How to Enjoy a Chia Seed Tea

The gelatinous texture when submerged in water makes chia seeds easy to swallow, unlike more rigid seeds out there.

Lemon slices and chia seeds are a great way to gain blood sugar control, making them making them suitable for people with diabetes as you can avoid refined sugars which will elevate your blood sugar levels. Seeds with this gel like consistency are easy to fit into your daily diet. 

If you prefer sweet flavors over sour lemon, then add your sweetener of choice instead of sugar. With fresh strawberries (or frozen strawberries if you are using cold water) this raw form tea is a great calorie intake to start off your day. Plus, frozen strawberries pair well with a low fat yogurt or granola for your first meal as well. 

Other Ways to Enjoy Chia Seeds

Chia water or seeds and orange juice aren’t the only ways to enjoy chia seeds. In fact, low fat coconut milk in a chia seed pudding can make a solid cake batter.

Still, if you want a break in your daily routine of warm water and chia seeds, the seeds still keep their beneficial health effects even in a cake. Chia seeds can have a bland flavor, so teas and cakes can provide alternative flavors that turn bland into an awesome flavor of sweet and fruity.

Can You Put Chia Seeds In Hot Tea?

A bold tea flavor can really add to your daily health routine, and since chia seeds are so helpful with bone and dental health, as well as an array of health benefits previously mentioned, delicious flavors can make you enjoy being healthy. No matter if you enjoy a bold flavor or more tepid one, the amazing health boons can be enjoyed.

Enjoy you seeds with a glass of milk, a glass of water, or maple syrup if you’re not interested so much in the water for weight loss aspect of these super seeds. A daily meal plan involving chia seeds with your breakfast bars or breakfast cereal for a bit of texture is always suggested. 

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