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Do Seeds Cause Hemorrhoids? Find Out Here!

Do Seeds Cause Hemorrhoids

Can Seeds Trigger Hemorrhoids? – Our Guide!

If you’ve ever suffered or are suffering from hemorrhoids you will be familiar with just how much discomfort they can cause, so knowing what triggers them is vital to prevent them from coming back. 

Seeds, in particular, are a double-edged sword when it comes to hemorrhoids, they are often recommended as a good food choice for fibre, however, seeds could potentially scrape inflamed hemorrhoids when passing through if you have a current one.

To find out more about seeds and hemorrhoids, we’ve put together an extensive guide below which will cover what triggers hemorrhoids, the pros and cons of seeds in your diet, as well as a list of foods to have and avoid when suffering from hemorrhoids.

What Triggers Hemorrhoids In People? 

Hemorrhoids are also known as piles they typically develop after chronic constipation which causes an interruption in the blood flow to the area and enlarge the vessels. You typically see it mostly in pregnant women or people who are overweight. 

It’s unclear what causes hemorrhoids but as we mentioned, pregnancy and obesity are factors, people who suffer from them are also said to have a higher anal canal tone, hemorrhoids can be more likely with age too.

Some foods such as processed foods and refined grains/carbohydrates can also trigger hemorrhoids and make them more likely. 

Can Too Many Seeds Have Bad Side Effects? 

Seeds are regarded as very beneficial to have in your diet, especially fiber-rich seeds such as flax seeds and chia seeds, but as with any food, too much of anything could have negative side effects. 

Too much of this dietary fiber could make constipation worse in people with hemorrhoids for example.

We’ve listed the advantages of having seeds in your diet as well as the drawbacks below. 

Advantages Of Seeds 

  • Can contain a good source of omega 3 – Flaxseeds that are ground are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and are also a good source of fiber.
  • High in fibre – Seeds like chia seeds are very high in fiber, with up to 10 grams of fiber for a 28g serving, this is why they are often popular in hemorrhoid patients.
  • Boosts protein intake – Hemp seeds in particular are a great source of protein and contain amino acids the body itself finds hard to make.
  • They can control blood sugar levels – Chia seeds and flax seeds have been proven to help control blood sugar levels.
  • Could lower cholesterol – Pumpkin seeds in particular are a good source of phytosterols which can lower blood cholesterol. 

Disadvantages Of Too Many Seeds

  • Can cause digestive problems – Although seeds such as chia seeds are full of beneficial fiber, excessive fiber intake can cause digestive problems in some people, leading to constipation or bloating, being a possible trigger for hemorrhoids.
  • Possible seed allergy – It is possible that if you start adding seeds to your diet you could experience a seed allergy such as hives or swelling. 
  • Could interact with medication – These high fiber foods as we mentioned above can lower blood sugar and cholesterol, for diabetics, in particular, this could mess with medication.

Our List Of Foods To Have & Avoid With Hemorrhoids

Now we know more about what triggers hemorrhoids and the pros and cons of seeds in your diet, let’s move on to what should and should not be eaten as a diet for hemorrhoid sufferers. 

To help with hemorrhoid solutions, many doctors will prescribe you a high fiber diet, both insoluble and soluble fiber have a connection to hemorrhoids relief since they add bulk to the stool but soluble fiber is preferred for people who aren’t used to eating fiber. 

We’ve listed the foods you should be adding to your diet below.

Fruit & Veg 

Any fruits such as apples, mangos, bananas, pears and stewed prunes are excellent for people with symptomatic hemorrhoids, especially if you eat the peel since they are high fiber, veggies like squash and broccoli are also a great choice plant foods to boost soluble and insoluble fiber intake.


Legumes are popular in a diet for hemorrhoid sufferers, for just half a cup of beans such as kidney beans you could get up to 10 grams of fiber. Legumes such as lentils can also help to bulk up your stool.


Avoid food such as white bread or white rice, opt for rye, brown rice and other high fiber alternatives. Eating white pieces of bread can be a catalyst for hemorrhoid flare since they cause constipation in some people.


Chia seeds, ground flax seeds and hemp seeds are also high in fiber and easy to eat if you are hemorrhoid prone, be careful about eating larger seeds if you suffering from an active hemorrhoid inflammation, for example, for chia seeds, might be better to soak them in water first. Learn more here about Chia Seeds VS. Flax Seeds


Almonds and walnuts are both high in fiber and anti-inflammatory, other nuts such as pecans and hazelnuts can also be added to your diet. 

What Not To Eat For Hemorrhoids

  • Salty foods and fried foods – Salty and fried food are difficult for your body to digest and can lead to water retention, this can cause constipation and put more pressure on the swelling.
  • Dairy – Milk, cheese and any other dairy can be a big trigger for hemorrhoids and should be avoided.
  • Processed meat – Avoid fast food and processed meat like cold cuts, they are always very low in fiber and high in salt.
  • White bread – White flour and bread has all its goodness removed, making it lower in fiber.
  • Alcohol and caffeine – Caffeine and alcohol could potentially dry up your stools, making constipation issues worse. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Seeds & Hemorrhoids

What are some other tips for helping hemorrhoids?

Some other factors which can help hemorrhoids and stop them from coming back are by losing weight, exercising, sitting in warm baths and not delaying when you feel the urge empty the bowel. Find out more here about Which Seeds Are Good For Weight Loss

How should I eat my seeds? 

Seeds can be added to smoothies to make them easier to digest, sprinkled on salads or added to yoghurt, you can also try soaking them.

How do I sleep with hemorrhoid? 

You could try sleeping on your stomach if you have hemorrhoid, this can help to remove some of the pressure and discomfort on the area which is swelled, you could also lay on your side with a pillow in between your legs.

Is bread good for hemorrhoids?

White bread is not good for people with hemorrhoids but brown wholemeal bread is, also other carbs such as oats which are high in fiber, this helps to bulk up the stool and avoid constipation which makes hemorrhoids worse. You can find out more here The Best Vegan Bread You Can Get

Final Words 

Overall, seeds do not cause hemorrhoids in people, but we would avoid eating them excessively since they can cause digestive issues if not consumed in moderation.

We would recommend including seeds in a diet for hemorrhoid sufferers since they are high in fiber and easy to hide in foods, soaking them can help the pass through softly. You should also be eating lots of other high fiber food such as wholegrain products, fruit and veg and avoid processed foods to help your hemorrhoids.


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