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Are Fritos Vegan? Find Out Here!

Are Fritos Vegan Find Out Here!

Are Fritos Vegan?

According to Wikipedia, Fritos are not vegan. However, several varieties are made without animal products. Some of those include Original Fritos, Fiesta Fritos, Sweet Potato Fritos, and Cheese & Green Chile Fritos.

Are Fritos Vegan?

You may already know that Frito Lay makes several varieties of Fritos, including Original, Fiesta, Sweet Potato, Cheese & Green Chile. But did you know that they are vegan? Yes, they are!

While most varieties of Fritos contain ingredients derived from animals, there are several varieties available that are 100% plant-based. These include Original Fritos and Fiesta Fritos. You can find them at grocery stores nationwide.

Not only are they vegan, but they taste great too!

Which Flavors Of Fritos Are Vegan?

Which Flavors Of Fritos Are Vegan?

You may not realize it, but there are several varieties of Fritos available. Some are plain, others come in light-salted, regular-salted, and spicy hot versions. All of them are vegan.

The original Fritos are made with corn, corn oil, and salt. There are no animal products used in making them. However, if you buy the Lightly Salted version, you’ll notice that they still contain corn, corn oil, sodium chloride, and artificial flavorings.

The Lightly Salted Frito chips are made with the same ingredients as the Original Fritos, except that they contain less salt. These chips are great for those who prefer lighter-tasting foods.

The Original Fritos are made using the same ingredients as the Lightly Salted Fries, except that they contain no added salt. These chips are perfect for anyone who doesn’t like overly salty food.

Which Flavors Of Fritos Are Not Vegan?

Which Flavors Of Fritos Are Not Vegan?

Fritos brand original corn chips come in many delicious varieties. However, not all of those varieties are vegan. Some of the most common non-vegan flavors include sour cream & onion, barbecue sauce, cheese & jalapeño, ranch dressing, honey BBQ, bacon cheddar, buffalo chicken, and teriyaki.

Different countries may also have different flavor options. You can find out which ones are vegan and which ones aren’t by checking the ingredient list on the package. If there are any questionable ingredients, you can reach out to the manufacturer directly.

You can also ask your local grocery store if they carry any vegan versions of the flavors listed above. If they don’t, you might consider buying a bag of vegan-flavored chips instead.

Non-vegan ingredients in Fritos

Non-vegan ingredients in Fritos

Here are some non-vegan-friendly foods that are included in various flavors of Fritos:

  • Milk is produced by animals, so it would be pretty obvious why it wouldn’t be vegan.
  • Bees produce honey, which means they aren’t vegetarian.
  • Natural flavors can be either vegan or non-vegetarian. Many large companies that produce packaged foods don’t reveal exactly what their natural flavors are made from, so it’s usually impossible to know whether they’re vegetarian or not.
  • Sugar is a tricky ingredient. Sugars are often processed using bone char, which means they may be non-vegan. However, some sugars are processed without bone char, including organic sugars.
  • Artificial dyes: Artificial dyes are used to color foods. They may not be made from animal products, but they’re often studied on animals.

Non-vegan Fritos Flavors

Here are some of the Non-vegan Fritos Flavors which are available at the grocery stores:

  • Fritos Scoops! Spicy Jalapeno Delicious Corn Chips
  • Fritos Flavor Twists Honey BBQ Flavored Corn Chips
  • Fritos Chili Cheese Flavored Corn Chips
  • Fritos Flamin’ Hot Flavored Corn Chips

Spicy Jalapeno Corn Chips

Frito Lay makes some great spicy corn chips. However, if you’re trying to eat healthily, you might want to avoid eating Spicy Jalapeno Corn Chips. Not only does Frito Lay use dairy ingredients, but they also use natural flavors and artificial sweeteners. These ingredients are not necessarily bad, but they’re certainly not vegan either.

Honey Bbq Flavored Corn Chips

As the name suggests, This flavor is made using animal products. The most obvious ingredient is honey, but there are other components you should consider. For example, sugar and natural flavoring agents.

Honey has a very strong taste that can be overpowering in some recipes. Sugar helps to balance this out. Natural flavors such as vanilla extract or almond extract add depth of flavor without being too sweet.

The final component is salt. Salt adds savoriness to many dishes. It also balances the sweetness. Too much salt will make your dish bitter.

Chili Cheese Flavored Corn Chips

Chili Cheese Flavored Corn Chips

Unfortunately, at the present time, not all Fritos flavors are vegan. For example, Chilli Cheese Fritos aren’t. In reality, they include several elements from the dairy business. One amongst them is whey, the liquid element remaining after the coagulation of milk. Chili Cheese Frits additionally include cheese, butter, and skimmed milk.

Flamin’ Hot Flavored Corn Chips

Even though they may seem like a healthy choice, they actually contain some unhealthy items such as sugar and artificial flavors.



Frito Lay’s website says that there are three main Fritos flavors that are vegan. But if you look at the ingredients list, you’ll find that there is one ingredient that isn’t listed under any of those three categories. That ingredient is corn syrup solids.

So technically speaking, none of the three main Fritos flavor options is 100% vegan. However, since corn syrup solids don’t show up anywhere else on the ingredients list, it seems safe to assume that they are probably vegan.

However, nobody can say for certain whether or not the other two flavors are vegan. Therefore, if you want to be absolutely certain, you should ask your local grocery store.

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