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Is Garlic Powder Gluten Free? – Read Here!

Is Garlic Powder Gluten Free

Does Garlic Powder Contain Gluten? – Our Guide!

Garlic powder is an essential spice for cooking with and adding flavour to dishes, but if you’re gluten-free, you need to be ensuring your store-bought spice does not contain gluten. 

Does Garlic Powder Contain Gluten?

Garlic powder typically does not contain any gluten like most single ingredient spices, but it’s always best to check product labels to be on the safe side. 

We’ve discussed in more detail below how to know if a garlic powder is gluten-free, why spices can contain gluten and a list of gluten-free spices. 

How Do I Know If Garlic Powder Is Gluten Free?

Although the majority of spices and herbs are gluten free, you always need to double check if garlic powder is gluten free to be on the safe side, this can be done by cross-checking the ingredient statement and looking for allergen statements. 

Always check spice labels for a gluten free symbol, the majority of safe spices will also state online if they are gluten free, store-bought spice might be at risk of gluten contamination during the manufacturing process. 

We would also suggest avoiding single ingredient spices out the bin with a scoop since these fresh spices are at higher risk of contamination.

Why Are Some Jarred Spices Not Gluten Free?

Although the majority of spice blends and individual spices are gluten free, there are risks of contamination. 

The spice in question is gluten-free as long as they contain less than 20 ppm, you might find that gluten-free spices can contain anti-caking agents.

Very rarely do random spices contain wheat flour to bulk them up and make them cheaper to produce, this would make them not gluten friendly. 

Our List Of Gluten-Free Spices 

It can be hard to figure out which spices from grocery stores are gluten free, not all have the correct labeling and are certified gluten free spices. 

To help you out, we’ve got a list of spice brands which are gluten free to help you out down below. 


McCormick is a very popular spice brand in the US, Its’ spices do sometimes contain gluten but they are stated clearly on the labelling which of their spices are gluten free, they have also been third-party tested for gluten.

Spice Hunter & Spicely Organics 

The spice hunter has a wide range of spices which are gluten free and are certified “gluten-free” products, they have more than 50 gluten free spices as well as 50 seasoning mixes which are gluten free. Find out here Is Tabasco Gluten Free?

Frontier Co-op 

This company states that their product ingredients are naturally gluten free, however, they do not claim their spices to be 100% gluten free since there can always be a small risk of cross-contamination during the manufacturing process.

Frontier Co-op 

Magic Seasonings 

Magic seasonings claim the majority of their spices and seasoning mixes such as poultry magic are gluten free and come under the 20 ppm rule for food products, the only spices from their range which do not reach this requirement are their Gumbo magic gravy and Breading magic spices. 


Durkee has over 92 spices on offer and claims 99% of them are gluten free product formulas, the only spices from their range which are not gluten free are the ones which use modified starch as a thickener. Modified starch is typically gluten free but can be derived from wheat in some circumstances.

Old El Paso 

Old el Pasos taco seasoning mixes and a few of their other food product options are gluten free when tested, however, it’s worth checking the individual product ingredients each time to be on the safe side.

Trader Joes 

Trader joes spices are mainly gluten free when tested, however, their cumin product during testing was found to show gluten, this is not limited to Trader joes however, a lot of cumin can show up as having gluten.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garlic Powder & Gluten 

Is McCormick garlic powder gluten free?

Yes, McCormick spices are 100% stated to be gluten free containing under 20ppm per individual spices and have undergone vigorous testing.

What makes spices not gluten free? 

Most spices are naturally gluten free, if found to have gluten this means it has occurred through cross-contamination or some flour has been added during the grounding process.

Are organic spices gluten free?

Most organic spices are gluten free, seasoning mixes are much more likely to contain gluten, however, cross-contamination can still occur in organic spices so check with the brand.

How do you know if you’re gluten intolerant? 

It can be hard to figure out if you are initially gluten intolerant, some symptoms which show you are gluten intolerant are fatigue, bloating or bowel issues after eating gluten.

Where do spice manufacturers state if they are gluten-free?

Spice manufacturers will state on their product labels if they are gluten free or on their website in further detail.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garlic Powder & Gluten 

Final Words

Overall, garlic powder is most of the time gluten free since it is naturally gluten-free, however, it is always best to check with the manufacturer just in case due to the risk of cross contamination and flour being used. 

Seasoning mixes can often be more at risk of containing gluten due to thickeners and flour.

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