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Is Grapeseed Oil Keto? Find Out Here!

Is Grapeseed Oil Keto?

Can I Have Grapeseed Oil On The Keto Diet?

Can I Have Grapeseed Oil On A Keto Diet?

If you’ve picked up some grapeseed oil for cooking or maybe it’s all you have left in the kitchen to cook with, when following the keto food diet you need to be making sure your oil is one of the keto cooking oils.

Can I Have Grapeseed Oil On A Keto Diet?

Grapeseed oil is not allowed on the keto diet and is classed as a dirty keto oil, you should therefore choose another keto-friendly oil instead.

In our guide below we will take you through what the keto diet is if grapeseed oil is good for you, why you can’t have keto and some oils which are keto-friendly for cooking.

What Is The Keto Diet?

Before we can get into more about grapeseed oil and why you can’t have it on the keto diet, let’s start with what the keto diet is to have a better understanding.

The keto food diet is a low-carb diet which has moderate protein and is very high in healthy fats.

For weight loss and managing issues like diabetes, keto diets put you into a keto regime called ketosis meaning the body turns to fat for energy. This means only some foods including oils are allowed in the diet.

Is Grapeseed Oil Good For You?

Grapseed oils are one of the least popular oils for cooking, but are they good for you? Grapeseed oil is not very high in nutrition but is high in omega-6 fatty acids which is good.

Why Can I Not Have Grapeseed Oil On The Keto Diet?

Grapeseed oil is not keto-friendly therefore you cannot use it to cook on the keto diet since it is classed as unhealthy.

It is classed as a dirty keto oil on the diet since it is low in carbs, but not good for you in the long run.

There are a couple of reasons why you can’t cook with grapeseed oil which we have listed below.

  • Uses high heat – Grapeseed is extracted and processed at a very high heat which strips away the nutrients inside.
  • Highly refined – This oil is highly refined using heat and chemicals which makes it less nutrient dense. It also means that they are prone to oxidation which can lead to inflammation and health issues.
  • Not a healthy fat source – The keto diet is all about burning clean fats as an energy source.
Why Can I Not Have Grapeseed Oil On The Keto Diet?

Other Oils To Avoid On The Keto Diet

  • Sunflower oil.
  • Cottonseed oil.
  • Soybean oil.
  • Corn oil.
  • Canola oil.
  • Peanut oil.

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Keto-Friendly Oils For Cooking With

Finding the right oil to cook with on the keto plan is important, this oil should be clean and based on healthy fats.

We’ve listed the types of oils which are classed as keto-friendly below.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is great for cooking since it has a high smoke point, and it is also high in vitamin E and omega-9 fatty acids.


Organic grass-fed butter is high-quality fat and great to cook with, containing lots of nutrients, you can use it as a spread, put it in your coffee or use it for low-heat cooking.

Coconut Oil

Coconut is similar to MCT oil and is made up of medium-chain triglycerides making it very healthy, it does have a low smoke point so is best for lower heat cooking.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has lots of anti-oxidants and is unrefined and great for low-smoke cooking, it is one of the most minimally processed oils. Read more here Is Olive Oil Gluten Free


MCT oil is a highly ketogenic oil it is a great blend for cooking and a high-quality fat source, derived from coconut oil. It also has a low body of carbs.


Last Words

To conclude, grapeseed oil is not classed as ketogenic since it is very refined and processed, making it bad for your body’s health and heart health. Instead, it’s best to pick coconut oil paired with MCT or extra virgin olive oil which is classed as clean fat sources.

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