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Is Green Tea Gluten Free? Read Here!

Is Green Tea Gluten Free ?Read Here!

Is Green Tea Gluten Free?

Green tea is a popular beverage that has been used by people around the world for thousands of years. In fact, green tea was once considered sacred in China and Japan.

Is Green Tea Gluten Free ?

Today, it is consumed by millions of people every day. You might think that drinking green tea is healthy.

However, there are certain ingredients that could cause problems for those who suffer from celiac disease.

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What is Green Tea?

What is Green Tea ?

Green tea, a quintessential health drink, is often touted as a great alternative to coffee. It is rich in antioxidants, among them epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is a natural metabolite of green tea.

Green tea is a tea that is made from young tea leaves. It does not contain any stems or stalks, kind of like a tea bag as opposed to loose leaf tea.

Green tea made with roasted barley malt is made by steeping barley leaves in water and then adding green tea leaves to the infusion.

It is popular for those that suffer from diabetes. The antioxidants which are present in green tea help to slow the development of type 2 diabetes.

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Does green tea have gluten in it?

Does green tea have gluten in it?

They have hailed green tea as one of the healthiest drinks around for hundreds of years. It’s loaded with antioxidants and believed to boost metabolism.

But did you know there was a time when green tea wasn’t gluten-free? Green tea does not contain gluten.

But they processed green tea leaves in the same facilities as gluten-grain-based flavors, so it is likely that some gluten may be present in green tea.

There was a period where people who were allergic to wheat would drink green tea instead of water because they thought it to have similar effects.

However, now that we’ve learned more about food allergies, we know that drinking green tea isn’t safe for those with celiac disease.

Today, if you’re looking for a way to get healthy without having to cut out certain foods, you should add green tea into your routine. It’s beneficial and can even aid in weight loss. Learn more here Which Seeds Are Good For Weight Loss

Which Green tea brands are gluten-free

Which Green tea brands are gluten-free

The good news is that, unlike gluten, the growth of green tea leaves does not involve the use of wheat. This means that many green tea brands contain no wheat at all.

Many top brands, such as those listed below, are known to be gluten ingredients and do not contain any wheat.

  • Tetley green tea
  • Twinings green tea
  • Rishi green tea
  • Yogi green tea

None of these brands are specifically gluten free. However, all of them do not use additives of any kind and therefore are safe.

Green tea has many health benefits and just because it may be gluten free does not mean that it is bad for you.

In fact, non-gluten-containing products like green tea are the healthiest of teas and can benefit you greatly.

Helpful tips

Helpful tips

If you are drinking green tea and are concerned that it may contain wheat, then you should check the green tea label.

If you are not sure what to do, here are a few things that you can do.

  • Try to make it a habit to double check your ingredient label every time you shop.
  • Use an App like OneDrop, which can detect gluten and additives and chemicals.
  • If you don’t want to use an app, then use your gut! If there is a product which worries you, then skip the purchase.
  • Ask staff in supermarkets. After all, they are there to help you.
  • Note down which products contain additives and which products contain only natural ingredient list.
  • Use one tag to jot that information down, e.g., food allergies.
  • Cross check the information against your list.
  • Decide which products are worth the price.

Buying gluten free is not accessible. There are plenty of food products which you should just avoid because they contain additives and chemicals.

However, there are products which you may need or want. If you are smart, you will make smart choices, so my advice is to always buy the products which you know for you and your family.

If you are feeling hesitant about switching to green tea flavor, then remember to cross check the product labels before purchasing.

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