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Is Guacamole Gluten Free? Let’s Find Out!

Is Guacamole Gluten Free?

A favorite dip among American households, avocado guacamole is great for those living  on a plant based diet. The average guacamole recipe is vegetarian friendly, and can be easily assembled with fresh ingredients and a few ripe avocados. 

Is Guacamole Gluten Free?

Is guacamole gluten free? Yes! A plant based dip, homemade guacamole is naturally gluten free. However, check the labels of any store bought dips, pre made guacamole and tortilla chips, which may contain gluten or traces of the protein from cross contamination.

Check the ingredient label if buying from the store, however homemade guacamole is not made with gluten. A few garlic cloves (or organic garlic powder), fresh lime juice, ripe avacados, kosher salt, and black pepper or other spices if you prefer spicy foods, makes gluten free guacamole.

What Goes Into a Guacamole?

A basic guacamole recipe includes all the ingredients mentioned above, however thre is no singular authentic guacamole recipe. Spicy guacamole, for example, include chili flakes or spicy peppers while traditionally guacamole may limit excessive spice. 

Using avocado for guacamole can be replaced by pulled porks and barbecue beef, for a base guacamole recipe that is more friendly to the carnivores among us. A simple guacamole should still rarely contain any gluten ingredients however, but other allergens should be wary. 

While you can avoid gluten ingredients, tree nuts may be added in some grocery store guacamoles. A homemade guacamole recipe is therefore recommended for anyone with allergen requirements, as you can avoid problems easier than with a pre made guacamole.

What Goes Into a Guacamole?

What to Eat With Guacamole?

Traditionally guacamole is eaten as a dip, using tortilla chips. However, the variety of guacamole ingredients available make it the perfect side dish for all kinds of meal. Putting guacamole on burritos like a garnish, for example, can be a good use for leftover guacamole.

Still, nothing beats guacamole with your favorite chips. Different brands of tortilla chips offer all sorts of flavors, so your favorite chips can add flavor of their own. Gluten free tortilla chips, corn chips, or any other gluten free chips will keep this meal celiac friendly. 

Guacamole with fruit is also a popular pairing, a very healthy way to enjoy this delicious food. However, this amazing food can be quite fatty, thanks to the fat content of ripe avocados. Some lime juice may also have a high sugar content, but at least any fresh garlic and fresh cilantro you use will not be packing on the pounds. 

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How Long Does Guacamole Keep?

Using an airtight container or plastic wrap is the best way to keep your guacamole fresh. The ingredients of guacamole generally don’t last long on their own, and simply adding your salt of preference won’t do much to stop that. 

How Long Does Guacamole Keep?

However this incredible food can last up to a week in your fridge if given extra salt. This means it will keep longer than some food items as a leftover, and is ideal for those with food allergens as well as a smaller stomach. 

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