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Is Gum Vegan? Find Out Here!

Is Gum Vegan? Find Out Here!

Is Gum Vegan?

Is Gum Vegan?

Chewing gum isn’t a key part of any vegan diet that we’re aware of, so it’s unlikely to be a big loss to anyone who decides to give it up. However, there are still plenty of reasons to avoid it.

For starters, most brands of chewing gum are made using animal-derived ingredients, including gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, shellac, lanolin, tallow, honey, sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Ingredients In Gum

Ingredients In Gum

Most of the ingredients listed above are derived from animals, including gelatins, starches, sugars, fats, and oils. However, there are several plant-based diet alternatives available.

There are many vegan options available for those who wish to consume gum without harming animals. Many manufacturers now produce vegan versions of their products, making it easier than ever to enjoy a healthy alternative to traditional sweets.

You should always check the labels of any food or drink products to determine whether they are vegan or not. You can find out more about which foods are vegan here.

Vegan Chewing Gum Brand

Vegan Chewing Gum Brand

There are plenty of vegan chewing gum brands out there, including Wrigley, Hubba Bubba, Dubble Bubble, Orbit, Extra, Eclipse, Mentos, Pur, and more. Some of these brands are owned by Mars, which means that they are vegan. Others are not, but still produce vegan versions of their products.

You should be aware that manufacturers may change their recipes or processes, so if you find that a product you used to enjoy isn’t vegan anymore, don’t panic – just try another brand instead.

Brand Of Non-Vegan Gum

There are some non-vegan chewing gums out there. However, most of them are made using animal gelatin. So, if you really want to avoid any animal products, then you should probably steer clear of those brands.

Trident is one of the brands that use gelatin in its chewing gums. Gelatin comes from animals, so it shouldn’t be used in any product that claims to be vegan.

Orbit with gelatin in its ingredients is another brand that uses gelatin. It’s not clear whether the gelatin was derived from animals, so it might be vegan.

Mentos 3-layer, strawberry squeeze, and juice burst are all non-vegan. They contain menthol, which comes from mints that were grown on trees. Mints come from plants, so they are considered vegan.

However, if you prefer to keep your diet clean, then you’ll want to stick to one of the vegan gums listed above instead.

Why Are Some Gum Not Vegan?

Why Are Some Gum Not Vegan?

There are two main reasons why some gums are not vegan. First, there are some ingredients that come from both plants and animals, meaning that they cannot be classified as either vegan or non-vegan.

Second, some of the animal-based ingredients are listed under their chemical or brand names, or simply are products people are not familiar with, making it difficult to determine if they are vegan or not.

Here are some examples of common ingredients that fall into the second category:



Gum is made from gelatin, which is derived from the common animal skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, connective tissue, blood vessels, muscles, organs, glands, hair follicles, teeth, nails, and other tissues of slaughtered animals. Gelatin is used to give chewable gum its texture and as a binding ingredient to help shape pellets.


Carmine is a bright red colorant used in foods and beverages. Carmine comes from the cochineal insect, which produces a red pigment called carminic acid. Carmine is commonly found in candies, ice cream, jams, jellies, marmalades, sauces, soups, syrups, teas, wines, and yogurts.


Glycerin is a natural sweetening agent that comes from either plants or animals. Glycerin is derived from animal fats, whereas glycerol is derived from vegetable oils. Both are commonly used as sweeteners.

While glycerin is generally considered safe, there are certain conditions where it should not be consumed. People with diabetes, kidney disease, liver problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcers, stomach acid reflux, and thyroid disorders should avoid using glycerin.

Stearic Acid

Gum manufacturers add stearic acid to their products to thicken the product and give them a chewier texture. However, if you are concerned about whether or not your favorite brand of gum is vegan, there are several ways to find out.

You can look at the gum ingredient list on the packaging, call the manufacturer directly, or search online for reviews of the product.


Lecithin is used in a wide variety of food items, including chocolate, bread, and vegan butter substitutes. It comes from either plants or animals, depending on where it’s sourced. Soybean oil is the most common source of plant-based lecithin, but animal-derived lecithin is also available.

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