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How To Cook Jackfruit Seeds? Read Here

How To Cook Jackfruit Seeds?

You can find a ripe jackfruit grown is Asia. This tropical fruit, known for its strange outer skin, contains a delicious jackfruit pod. As healthy as any fruit, there are also a number of benefits of jackfruit seeds as well! 

How To Cook Jackfruit Seeds?

How to cook jackfruit seeds? Roasted jackfruit seeds are perhaps the most popular, but below we’ll discuss a vegan curry recipe using raw jackfruit and their seeds, as well as a Thai recipe. Being an Asian fruit, a few cups jackfruit seeds are generally best served in Asian dishes.

A recipe that take 20-30 minutes or 25-30 minutes aren’t uncommon online. Seeds of jackfruit are known for their super food potential, just like other plants from the Indian subcontinent. The best part about cooking a cup of jackfruit seeds? The beautiful jackfruit aroma.

Jackfruit seed extract can also be used as a health supplement in a pinch. cooked jack fruit seeds are perfect for vegans as well, since many Thai dishes cooking them will use a bed of coconut milk and coconut oil, as opposed to animal products. 

What is a Jackfruit?

This amazing fruit is among the biggest fruits in the world. Jack fruit is a tropical fruit native to South and South East Asia with a bumpy skin. A couple of minutes and you can also enjoy this super food, and find amazing recipes for it everywhere.

Jack fruit seeds stir fry, coconut curry, and any other delicious vegan and gluten free recipe. For those will special dietary requirements, peeling the outer skin to reach the benefits of jackfruit seeds is a worthwhile endeavor. 

Learn here some list of Jackfruit Seed Recipes we made for you!

Health Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds

The white skin of a jack fruit is easily removed to get access to the precious seeds. These seeds can be enjoyed with the brown skin on (for extra fiber) or the brown skin off. These seeds can contain as much as seven grams of protein, much more carbohyrdrates, and natural fiber.

Health Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds

The fiber content can ease digestive issues for those who are constipated, or suffer from bowel obstructions. The seeds have also been linked to a lower blood pressure, leading to less muscle cramps during a work out for example. 

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In just a couple of days, these seeds with water can be a good way to keep those cholesterol levels in check, so you can avoid blood clotting. The white layer of fruit and the brown layer of the seeds (the outer layer) can all be ingested and enjoyed. 

While the white layer is tropical and tart, the seeds are very unlike the main white layer of fruit. Instead, the brown layer when cooked and boiled tend to have a sweet taste, not too dissimilar to taro root. Which also happens to be popular in Asian cooking.

If you wish to drain jackfruit seeds manually, they can be covered in a paper towel and stored in the fridge. This will prime them for germination, and keep them dry for ingestion as a traditional medicine with all the aforementioned benefits. 

Jackfruit Seed Curry

Jackfruit seed curry is easy to make with some seeds of jackfruit and other ingredients. As well as some cooking oil, you will need white onion, ginger, garlic powder, a few cups water, coconut milk, tomato paste, some spinach, and spice powders (such as curry powder or garam masala common in curries). 

With curry powder, some powdered salt, and chili powder to taste, you can cook this recipe as easily as any curry. Boil your seeds in a few cup water first, cold water preferably, before including them in the rest of the recipe. 

Once dry, peel the white skin off the seeds and use a store bought curry sauce and some rice or noodles as a side dish to accompany it. Covered in the spices with the onion, and maybe paired with some fresh curry leaves, this can be a surprisingly tasty vegan curry. 

Fresh curry leaves act as a garnish, and with the curry powder or chilli powder already present they can elevate the taste profile of this exotic dish. Tropical fruit may not be the first thing you think to try with curry, but trust us when we say it works.

Thai Jackfruit Seed Recipe

If you have an abundance in jackfruit seeds, then try this thai recipe for cooked jack fruit seeds. Not too unlike a jack fruit seeds stir fry, boiled thai seeds are popular. You will need a cup jackfruit seeds, and a pot of water. 

How To Cook Jackfruit Seeds?

Simply cook your delicious vegan and gluten free recipe snack in the excess water. Make sure the seeds are covered in at least an inch of water, hot or cold water both work. Boiling the excess water will cook the seeds quickly and easily in 15-20 minutes.

Add some spice powders, such as turmeric powder or chili powder for a spicey kick. Powdered salt, curry powder, or asafoetida powder also work as a good flavoring. Getting the right taste is important if you’re using as few ingredients as this. 

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