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Are Marshmallows Dairy Free? Find Out Here!

  • Amy 

Marshmallows are delicious treats that have been around since ancient times. They are also a popular snack food and a dessert topping.

While marshmallows are usually made from gelatin, there have been several brands that have made dairy free marshmallows.

Many favorite foods are labeled with dairy in their labels. This is the case with many marshmallows. So what about marshmallows?

It depends on the type of marshmallow. But, yes, most are dairy free.

While these marshmallows are dairy free, they often contain other ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, and artificial flavors.

It’s important to note that while these marshmallows may be labeled “dairy free,” they should only be used for baking. They aren’t suitable for eating plain or as a substitute for regular gluten in marshmallows.

What is Marshmallows?

Marshmallow flavor fantasy was made from the sweet taste from the sap of the regular marshmallow plant called Thessaly bush.

Marshmallow is a chewy candy that comes in many forms. It is most commonly sold as a square, perhaps 2 inches by 2 inches.

The marshmallow package also comes in a circular ring which is known as a “stick”. They are usually white with a subtle pink tint around the edges.

The product also comes in other shapes, such as letters, numbers, and signs.

Are marshmallows vegan?

Yes, marshmallows are very much a vegan-friendly treat. They do not use any animal products and therefore are completely vegan.

If you were wondering if marshmallows can be eaten raw, then no, gluten free gourmet marshmallows cannot be consumed raw. However, they can be baked at high temperatures like cookies and cakes.

Vegan marshmallows are free of any animal products. A wide variety of vegans are now choosing vegan marshmallows as an alternative to non-vegan marshmallows.

Vegan marshmallow recipe

Making vegan lists for marshmallows is quite simple.

1. All you need is some powdered gelatin, water, and agar powder.


  • Egg whites
  • Hot chocolate for flavor
  • Tablespoons vanilla extract

2. You will need to mix them together before adding them to a pan. Once mixed, pour into silicone molds or small dishes.

3. Let it set up for an hour and then remove it from the mold. You can either freeze them until ready to eat or serve them immediately.

In order to get the best results, follow this recipe carefully. If you want your traditional marshmallow fluff to look more authentic.

Try following these tips:

  • Use gelatin sheets instead of powder.
  • Use agar powder instead of agar flakes.
  • Add vanilla essence to give it a nice flavor.
  • To get the perfect texture, add some honey to the mixture.
  • Make sure you let the mixture cool properly after mixing.
  • Try different recipes to get the perfect sticky marshmallow goodness.
  • These marshmallows gluten free are super easy to make and absolutely delicious!

Are marshmallows safe for a gluten-free diet?

There are several brands of marshmallows out there and of course that we cannot be sure that all of them are safe.

Marshmallow options are basically just carbohydrates, meaning that they have no gluten, and are really just sugar. The only ingredient in marshmallow fluff gluten that is at all questionable is mini vanilla.

Most marshmallows contain corn syrup. This is a very common ingredient and is used in many food products. This means that corn syrup is almost certainly safe.

Natural marshmallows contain gluten, but the amounts are so small that we would all become sick if we ate enough of them.

If you are unsure, then avoid normal marshmallows. There are plenty of other gluten-free options out there.

Marshmallows are not safe for a gluten-free diet, they are pretty much safe for most people.

If you have gluten intolerance or someone has informed you you have gluten intolerance, then you just have to be careful.

Vegan marshmallow brands

There are several companies that sell vegan marshmallows. Some of these include:

  • Sweet and sara – These concerns in marshmallows come in various flavors, including chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, lemonade, etc.
  • Green mountain gourmet – Their marshmallows are available in a variety of flavors, including raspberry, blueberry, mint chocolate chip, lavender, black cherry, and even gingerbread.
  • Dreyer’s – This company offers a wide range of vegan flavor of marshmallows.

They have an extensive selection of different varieties. For example, there are even vegan, healthier marshmallows that contain gluten-free ingredients.

  • Dandies brand marshmallows
  • Campfire marshmallow
  • Kraft jet-puffed marshmallows

Are there gelatin free marshmallows?

Yes, there are gelatin-free marshmallows and you can find them at your local grocery store. 

Gellan gum is a natural, plant-based ingredient used to make marshmallows from scratch without the use of gelatin.

There are a few companies that produce vegan diet marshmallows without using gelatin. They do not taste like regular gluten free marshmallow peeps; however, they still provide the same great texture.

Some of these companies include:

  • Coconut marshmallows
  • Lemoncello marshmallows
  • Sugar free marshmallows
  • Gelatin free marshmallows

The Bottom Line

Marshmallows are indeed dairy free. A marshmallow is made primarily of water, sugar, gum, and gelatin. A marshmallow is better known as a calorie-free confection made using gelatin, sugar, and water.

Just because food is low in carbs, that does not mean that it is healthy. Raw sugar does not have a lot of health benefits.

It just means that it will not make you fat if you eat it in moderation. Here, moderation is the key.

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