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Are Marshmallows Dairy Free? Find Out Here!

Are Marshmallows Dairy Free?

If you are lactose intolerant or follow a dairy-free diet for preference, you might be curious as to if sweets like marshmallows contain dairy in their ingredients? 

Are Marshmallows Dairy Free?

Marshmallows are traditionally dairy free as long as they are made with normal ingredients and no extra mix-ins, we would always check the product label to be on the safe side, however.

To find out more about the ingredients in marshmallows, surprising foods which are dairy free and how to make your dairy-free marshmallow we’ve put together a guide with everything you need to know below.

What Are Marshmallows Made Of?

Before we discuss more marshmallows and their ingredients, let’s start with what marshmallows are made of. 

Marshmallows are typically made of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin, they can also contain flavorings such as vanilla extract. This makes most store-bought marshmallows dairy free. 

We’ve listed some brands of marshmallows which are suitable for a dairy-free diet down below. 

  • Yummallows. 
  • Freedom mallows. 
  • Plant Kitchen marshmallows.
  • Ananda.

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What Does Dairy Free Mean?

Nowadays, gluten-free, vegan friendly and dairy free can all be very confusing terms, so it’s important to know exactly what comes under dairy in terms of ingredients so as you can know what to look for in product labels. 

Dairy typically refers to any product which comes from animal milk, this could be; milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt or cream.

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Are Marshmallows Vegan?

Marshmallows are mostly dairy free, but this doesn’t mean that these sweets are vegan too, they are often made with gelatin which is derived from an animal protein making them not vegan friendly. 

You can find some vegan brands of marshmallows such as Dandies and Trader Joes, but always check the ingredients to be on the safe side.

Surprising Foods Which Are Dairy Free

Many people assume regular marshmallows might contain dairy like other sweets, however, lots of foods are surprisingly dairy free which you might not have considered, we’ve listed a few options below.

How To Make Your Own Dairy Free Marshmallows

If you follow a dairy-free diet and want to avoid the possibility of food allergies in store-bought fluffy marshmallow sweets then why not make your homemade marshmallows at home? 

How To Make Your Own Dairy Free Marshmallows

We’ve listed our best dairy-free recipe down below. 


  • 1/4 cup of gelatin. 
  • Two egg whites. 
  • Drop of vanilla extract. 
  • Cup of powdered sugar. 
  • Two cups of white sugar. 
  • Spoon of light corn syrup. 
  • 1 1/4 cup of water. 


  1. Start by dusting a 9 inch square dish with your powdered sugar then mix your corn syrup, powdered sugar and 3/4 cup of water in a pan then heat till it gets to a temperature of 265F. 
  2. Place the other cup of water in a pan and sprinkle the gelatin on top until dissolved, mix it into the sugar and syrup once the temperature has been reached. 
  3. Whisk your egg whites up in a separate bowl until they form stiff peaks, pour the syrup in while whisking then add the drop of vanilla. 
  4. Let it rest for 8 hours overnight then cut!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dairy Free Marshmallows 

What flavors of marshmallows are dairy free?

Most flavors of marshmallows are dairy free, such as strawberry and vanilla, you do have to be careful of chocolate marshmallows however which can sometimes contain milk in their ingredients.

Is marshmallow creme dairy free?

Marshmallow creme is mostly dairy-free since it’s made out of whipped sugar and egg whites, always double-check the ingredients, however.

Can I eat marshmallows on a lactose-free diet?

Yes, marshmallows can be eaten on a lactose-free diet since they do not contain any dairy in their ingredients.

Does fructose corn syrup have gluten?

High fructose syrup is gluten free and is often used as a sweetener in foods such as marshmallows.

Can I eat marshmallows on a vegan diet?

Marshmallows are not allowed to be eaten on a vegan diet since they contain gelatin which is derived from animal proteins.

What are the calories of traditional marshmallow sweets?

Marshmallows are very low calorie, having around 150 calories for 50g, they are very high in sugar, however.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dairy Free Marshmallows 

Final Words

To conclude, marshmallows are mostly dairy-free since they are made out of gelatin, sugar and corn syrup, none of these ingredients contains dairy.

We always recommend double-checking product labels to ensure your sweets are dairy free and it should be noted marshmallows are not vegan friendly due to the gelatin content.

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