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Raspberry, Coconut & Raw Cocoa Boost Breakfast Trifle

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

The perfect treat to brighten up your morning or when entertaining guests for a breakfast with flair!

This recipe couldn’t be simpler.

Deliciously healthy and packed full of goodness it’s the perfect guilt-free indulgence.

It’s so good we’ve been known to have it as an afternoon snack or healthy pudding… well why not?

Grab a spoon and dig in.

(Makes one serving)


  • 1 Cup dairy-free Coconut Yoghurt (our favourite is COYO)
  • 1 Cup fresh Raspberries (or berries of choice)
  • 1 pack Punch Foods’ Raw Cocoaboost Superseeds
  • fresh berries to garnish (optional)


  1. First mash your raspberries into a bowl. You can of course leave the raspberries whole but we like the jammy like texture as you plunge the spoon down.
  2. In a glass tumbler place 30g of Raw Cocoa Boost Superseeds to cover the bottom. (a simple glass tumbler works best so that you can see the layers)
  3. Top the Raw Cocoa Boost base with half a cup of yogurt, ensuring it is totally covered.
  4. Next spread your raspberry mix over the yogurt. Be careful not to disturb the yogurt too much to achieve those beautiful layers.
  5. Top the raspberry layer with the remaining yogurt, again trying not to disturb the raspberry layer.
  6. Finally add a generous sprinkling of Raw Cocoa boost Superseeds to form a crumble-like topping and garnish with fresh berries on the side.

Best served immediately.

Can be chilled for a short period (eg. if entertaining)

Can substitute dairy free yoghurt for normal organic if not specifically vegan.

Hey'all I'm Amy, a born foodie and diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago. I refused to cave into tasteless, boring gulten free food and create my own!
On my blog you'll find info & cool facts along with recipes, all on gluten free foods!

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