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Spicy Roasted Sunflower Seeds Recipe

Spicy Roasted Sunflower Seeds Recipe

Our Best Spicy Roasted Sunflower Seed Recipe

If you’re a lover of sunflower seeds and enjoy them as a snack, you might have wondered if you can roast them to make them even tastier?

Our Best Spicy Roasted Sunflower Seed Recipe

By adding simple spices such as cumin and paprika, you can make spicy sunflower seeds for an easy snack.

Are Sunflower Seeds Good For You?

Seeds are often raved about in the health world for snacking, raw sunflower seeds are especially nutritious being high in protein and rich in healthy fats.

We’ve listed some benefits you can get from eating sunflower seeds in your daily diet below.

  • Good for the heart – A cup of sunflower seeds is very high in healthy fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated boosting heart health
  • Reduce inflammation – Sunflowers contain vitamin E and other plant compounds which can help to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Support the immune system – Spiced sunflower seeds contain zinc and plenty of other vitamins which can be great for immune system health and fighting infection.

Our Spicy Roasted Sunflower Seeds Recipe

If you fancy snacking on some spiced sunflower seeds we’ve got easy to follow recipe for you below which takes just a few minutes to make, store in an airtight container after to help them last for longer and stay fresh!

Our Spicy Roasted Sunflower Seeds Recipe


  • Two cups of raw sunflower seeds.
  • Juice a lime.
  • Half a teaspoon of cumin and paprika.
  • One tablespoon of chilli powder.
  • Pinch of salt.


  1. Start by heating your oven to around 350F the put the sunflower seeds into a bowl with half of the lime juice and water.
  2. Stir, allow the seeds to sit for a few minutes then toss on the tray with your spices.
  3. Bake the spice sunflower seeds for 3 minutes, put the rest of the lime juice then bake again till crispy.
  4. Adjust seasoning and lime juice according to your preference then serve your chilli lime sunflower seeds and enjoy!

Variations Of Spice Sunflower Seeds

If you want to change up your spiced sunflower seeds there are plenty of ingredients you can add for a different taste.

  • Add maple syrup for a sweeter taste and cinnamon to make the seeds autumnal.
  • Toss in some pumpkin seeds for a more nutritious snack.
  • Put a handful of the seeds on porridge, yogurt or even pancakes for a healthier snack.
Variations Of Spice Sunflower Seeds

Last Words

To conclude, spicy roasted sunflower seeds are a healthy snack, full of good fats and high in protein. You can add various mixed spices to make the seeds taste better, sugar for sweeter seeds and chilli for spicy seeds.

Store the seeds in a well-sealed container and they will last for up to a week or over.

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