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Is Tabasco Gluten Free? Let’s Find Out!

Is tabasco gluten free?

Can I Have Tabasco On A Gluten Free Diet? – Our Guide

Tabasco is a popular hot sauces, with its main ingredients being chilli peppers, vinegar and salt, but is this condiment okay to eat for people with gluten issues? 

Tabasco is said to be gluten free since the pepper sauce is made from all-natural ingredients, although not certified gluten free, the hot sauce should be okay to have for celiacs on anyone on a gluten free diet.

We’ve composed a short guide below which will discuss if hot sauce, in general, is gluten free as well as some other brands like Tabasco sauce which are gluten free for adding some spice to your dishes!

Is the Tabasco brand gluten free?

Is Hot Sauce Gluten Free?

Now we know tabasco sauce is gluten free, what about general hot pepper sauce, does it contain hidden gluten? 

Most hot pepper sauce types like tabasco will not contain any gluten grains such as barley or wheat, the only exception goes for sauces like soy sauce in Asia which can sometimes contain wheat on their product labels. 

Hot pepper sauce types which have a smoky flavouring should also be double-checked on their product packaging for wheat additives. 

Spices and sweets can be non-gluten, but it doesn't include Tabasco products

Gluten Free Hot Pepper Sauces 

As we mentioned above, most pepper sauce types will always be gluten free, but for peace of mind, it’s good to know some brands for certain where there is no risk of gluten inside.

  • Cholula.
  • Pickapepper hot red sauce. 
  • Tapatio.
  • Dave’s gourmet hot sauces.
Tabasco brand has vinegar, it is not gluten free

Which Hot Sauce Might Not Be Gluten Free?

  • Franks hot red sauce.
  • Texas Pete’s hot red sauce.
  • Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce.

Last Words 

Overall, Tabasco hot sauce is gluten free, containing only hot chilli peppers, vinegar and some salt in the products, allowing you to spice up your food without any risk of gluten contamination. 

Be careful of hot sauces which have a smoky flavouring or soy sauces since they can have wheat in them which contains gluten.

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