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Is Sesame Oil Gluten-Free? – Know Here!

Are sesame oil gluten-free? Sesame oil is gluten-free. Sesame seeds also contain no gluten.  People who are allergic to these grains may be sensitive to gluten. Most experts agree that those with celiac disease should avoid all wheat, barley, and rye. After eating gluten, those with symptoms such as rashes, diarrhea, and abdominal pain should consult their doctor.  Some people experience discomfort from consuming sesame oil.  Millions of people used sesame oil for centuries before the discovery of gluten. They used it in cooking and baking.  Today [...]


Is The Paleo Diet Gluten Free And Dairy Free?

The paleo diet is completely gluten free and dairy free; however, some people who follow the paleo diet do include eggs, butter, and other dairy foods in their diets. Also, some people recommend eating small amounts of meat, like chicken breast, turkey, or fish. The only way to be sure whether a food is gluten free and dairy free is to check for the labels. Gluten Free means: made from flours and starches that do NOT contain any wheat, barley, rye, [...]


Is Pesto Gluten Free? Read Here

I have searched online for this question and have found plenty of things that say gluten free pesto and a few things that either say never or that there is no real way to tell. If pesto was mass-produced then I would say yes, it most likely would be gluten free. However, pesto is commonly made at home so it is only natural for it to contain gluten. Gluten in Pesto How is pesto made? Pesto is basically basil, garlic, olive oil, and [...]