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Is Rice Flour Gluten Free?

Rice flour is not usually considered gluten free. However, some brands do contain gluten, and they should be avoided by those who suffer from celiac disease. This rice flour base is commonly used in Asian cooking for making dumplings or spring rolls. It can also be mixed with other flours to make a more versatile dough that will hold together well when rolled out into flat sheets. The best way to tell if the product you’re buying contains any wheat at all [...]


Is Corn Flour Gluten Free?

Corn flour is a type of starch that is used in baking, mostly because it helps create lightness and tenderness in baked goods. However, the fact that it contains gluten doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for those who have food allergies. In this article, I will explain how and why corn flour is safe for people with celiac disease and other gluten-related health issues. Corn flour does have a natural gluten present but they are very small amounts that can [...]