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Vegan Foods

Are Vegan Foods Gluten-free?

Are Vegan Foods Gluten-Free? A vegan diet and a gluten-free diet are two completely separate things. While most vegan products often have a “gluten-free” sticker on them, that doesn’t mean that they are actually gluten-free. Some vegan products may contain wheat flour, soy sauce, or other ingredients that are not considered safe for those with… Read More »Are Vegan Foods Gluten-free?

Does Caramel Have Dairy?

Does Caramel Have Dairy?

Does Caramel Have Dairy? Caramel doesn’t actually have any milk products in it. However, if you eat a lot of caramel, you may notice that you start craving cheese. Cheese is made from milk, so it makes sense that eating lots of caramel might cause you to crave cheese. Does caramel have dairy? No, it… Read More »Does Caramel Have Dairy?