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Can A Vegan Diet Help With Seizures?

Will A Vegan Diet Help To Control Seizures? – Our Guide!

Over the years we keep learning that food can have a massive impact on diseases and our health, helping to reverse illness in some people and shed weight which makes the disease more likely, but can vegan diet help with seizures? 

Research done on vegan diets and seizures is minimal, but it has been shown that vegan or vegetarian diets reduce the number of LPS and animal fat in the body which contributes to inflammation, this, in turn, reduces neuroinflammation which can cause seizures in epileptics. 

Down below, we’ve put together a short guide that will take you through if a vegan diet is good for epilepsy, foods to have and avoid if you suffer from seizures as well as if a ketogenic diet can help with seizures. 

Does A Vegan Diet Help Seizures?

Although a vegan diet has not been studied too much concerning reducing any type of seizures, it is a great start for making your body feel healthier. 

This is because it can help to reduce inflammation in the body which causes diseases. 

However, a vegan diet has also been said to encourage seizure triggers in children who are not getting fed proper nutrients during developmental stages. 

We would recommend consulting your doctor before making any sudden diet and lifestyle changes if you suffer from seizures.

Benefits Of A Vegan Diet On Health 

Switching to a vegan diet with proper nutrition and vitamins can have hugely beneficial effects on the body, we’ve listed a few below. 

  • Helps with weight loss – By avoiding fatty meats and foods, switching to a more plant-based diet can help to promote weight loss naturally without a drastic calorie reduction. 
  • Reduces the chances of heart disease – A vegan diet or vegetarian diet can help health issues like heart disease and improve your quality of life by reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body. 
  • Helps diabetes – A vegan diet could be part of a solution for people who suffer from diabetes, it helps by reducing the A1C levels in the body.
  • Reduces the chances of cancer – The chances of getting cancer are greatly lowered when using a whole-food plant-based diet, colon cancer is one example.

Our List Of Foods To Have & Avoid For Seizures 

Food can have a massive impact on your brain health and help control the various type of seizures such as epilepsy seizures. 

We’ve listed some foods to have and avoid if you suffer from seizures below.

Best Foods For Seizure Control

  • Lean Protein – Lean protein sources such as chicken, eggs and seafood are essential for people who are fighting infection or seizures, if following a vegan diet you should further be making sure your getting all your protein and amino acids in to help repair the body.
  • Unrefined Carbs – Beans, fruit, veg and whole grains are advised for a healthy turnaround and can help reduce blood sugar levels in the body which could trigger unprovoked seizures.
  • Good Fats – Nut butter, avocados and seeds are all sources of good fat and help complete a nutrient-rich diet in moderation for cognitive health.
  • Water – As normal, staying hydrated is key as well as a good diet of foods, making sure your drinking per day prevents dehydration which can often worsen symptoms in seizures.

Worst Foods For Seizure Control

  • Caffeine – Caffeine is found in all kinds of drinks and increases the likelihood of generalized seizures, try to avoid it when possible.
  • Food additives – Although it has not been studied in-depth, artificial sweeteners have been linked as a trigger for the type of seizures that happen in epileptic patients. Some juices like cranberry juice have also been linked to side effects from epilepsy meds.
  • Saturated & Trans Fats – Found often in butter or packaged cakes and cookies, saturated fats should be kept low and avoided when possible, they can often lead to weight gain and general poor health as triggers for seizures.

Can A Ketogenic Diet Help With Seizures? 

Although a vegan diet has not been linked to helping seizures, a ketogenic diet has been. This diet is high in fat and low in carbs and its purpose is to help your body use fat for fuel, rather than carbohydrates. 

It has been seen to improve the amount of seizures epileptics have by reducing the excitability of the brain.

We would suggest consulting a doctor before changing your nutrition, a ketogenic diet can be restrictive for people who are used to eating a high carb diet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vegan Diets & Seizures 

Are there any common triggers for seizures?

Apart from diet, there are some other common triggers for seizures such as lack of sleep, artificial ingredients, stress and alcohol.

Is diet important for reducing seizures? 

Your diet should be kept as healthy as possible if you are suffering from seizures, but it is not a cure, many other factors in your well being can trigger or affect your seizures.

What are some tips for cooking with seizures? 

Extra precaution is needed when cooking if you suffer from seizures, some to name are using the hobs at the back, trying a kettle tipper to avoid carrying hot water or using a microwave that auto shuts down.

Last Words 

To conclude, a vegan diet can help to reduce inflammatory diseases in the body and could improve inflammatory neuro problems, but its significance concerning seizures is little known. 

We would suggest consulting your doctor and switching to a ketogenic diet to help control seizures, as well as improving other aspects of your general well-being such as sleep, different people will have different triggers for their seizures, keep this in mind when figuring out what works for you.

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