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10 Best Vegan Hot Sauce Brands

10 Best Vegan Hot Sauce Brands

Are you looking to add more flavor and kick to your cooking? Then check out some of the best vegan hot sauce brands around! Whether you prefer something spicy or mild, we’ve got a recommendation for you.

Here’s our list of the 10 best vegan hot sauce brands: Grill’em Hot Sauce, The Heat Is On Hot Sauce, Burning Desire Hot Sauce, Red Fusion Hot Sauce, Flame Thrower Hot Sauce, Cholo Chivita Veganic Fiery Picante Hot sauce, Blazing Inferno Vegan Habanero Hot Sauce, Heat Lover’s Advantage Hot Sauce and Rooster Fire.

Each of these hot sauce recommendations comes with its unique blend that adds positively delicious flavors to any dish! So go ahead and try some today – they’re sure to spice up your life!

1. Yellowbird

Yellowbird is from a homegrown lineup of sauce brands from Austin, Texas that we simply can’t get enough of. It’s made with premium, non-GMO ingredients that are also gluten-free. There’s something for everyone in their range of condiments, which vary in Scoville and spice levels.

We especially love to add the Classic Habenero Condiment and Blue Agave Sriracha to everything we eat! The complexity of the flavor offered by Yellowbird combined with its natural ingredients makes it a fantastic vegan option when squirting your foods with some extra heat. Try it out for yourself — we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

2. Hot N Saucy

Hot N Saucy is the one-stop shop for all of your vegan hot medium sauce desires! This Black-owned brand has a wide selection of flavors, ranging from ‘Sweet Potato N Habanero’ to ‘Collards N Ghost’. You’ll want at least one of each, that’s how delicious they are!

And the best part is you can use them in practically any recipe. From vegan chicken sandwiches to homemade grain bowls, these condiments take your dishes to the next level. If you’re on a mission to find a great vegan hot sauce, then look no further than Hot N Saucy!

3. Disco Sauce

If you’re looking to add some flavor and sizzle to your favorite vegan dishes, look no further than Disco Sauce Original Hot Sauce! This plant-based sauce has all the spiciness of a typical hot sauce but with a uniquely sweet and fruity taste.

It’s made with natural ingredients like orange juice, pineapple, and a special blend of disco peppers that will have you coming back for more. Whether you’re making tofu scramble or tempeh tacos, this vegan hot sauce is sure to be a hit at every party.

And with such simple ingredients and such bold flavor, there’s no wonder why this punchy sauce is quickly becoming a must-have for vegans everywhere! Get your bottle of Disco Sauce Original Hot Sauce today!

4. Poor Devil Pepper Company

Poor Devil Pepper Company is an amazing source of organic, gluten-free, vegan hot sauces that are unlike any other. Our favorite is Little Frankie, their unique take on Buffalo-style rooster sauce. But if you’re looking for a bit of heat, then you need to try Mountain Mama – it’s spicy and packs a punch!

And the best part about these sauces is that they are raw and contain probiotics to boot! So don’t forget to keep them refrigerated even before opening. Poor Devil Pepper Company has the perfect hot sriracha sauce for everything your heart desires!

5. Siete

Siete is a top choice for vegan hot sauces. Whenever you’re looking to add more flavor to your meals and snacks, Siete has got it all covered! From Habanero to Traditional and even Jalapeno and Chipotle flavors, these vegan hot sauces will surely spice up any occasion.

An especially popular pick in their collection is the Siete Jalapeno Hot Sauce. It’s amazingly flavorful and perfect for adding that extra bit of zest to your tacos, nachos, and burgers! So next time you are looking for some fiery fun in your meals, try out Siete’s vegan hot sauce for an unforgettable experience.

6. Celebrate What You Eat

Celebrate What You Eat wants to help take your plant-based cooking to the next level with their Let’s Salsa Hot Sauces. Whether you’re in the mood for Chipotle Apple Cider, Caribbean-style hot sauce, Jalapeno Sichuan, or Habanero Pineapple sauce, you’ll be sure to find the perfect condiment at Celebrate What You Eat.

These vegan hot sauces don’t just add flavor, they bring the heat! If you love spices and are always looking for something new and exciting, then Celebrate What You Eat will be perfect for you. So come join us and spice up your meals – without any animal products!

7. Anja Grommons

Anja Grommons is an inspiring vegetarian-turned-vegan powerhouse. Before transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, Anja had already been involved in Kalamazoo’s VegOut organization and enjoyed collaborating with Maggie and Tammie.

Today, she proudly wears her vegan hat and continues to pursue her passions for writing about the latest vegan eats and helping fellow plant-based eaters lead a healthy lifestyle through virtual coaching.

When she isn’t being productive, Anja loves nothing more than experimenting in the kitchen with new vegan recipes or indulging in some of her favorite products – from Ezekiel Bread to Pacifica’s Collagen Complex Serum. Of course, she also enjoys taking some time out of her busy schedule to relax with her partner Addison and their cat Kovu.

It’s clear that Anja Grommons is a selfless warrior fighting for veganism across the globe – so show your support and follow her journey today!

8. Melinda’s

If you’re looking for the hottest vegan gluten-free sauces around, look no further than Melinda’s. Their lineup of vegan sauces, ranging from hot to extremely hot, have something for everyone.

From the Original Habanero or Jalapeno Pepper sauces if you prefer a little less heat, to their intense Scorpion Pepper sauce if you like things spicy – you can find your perfect sauce at Melinda’s. You might want a glass of oat milk on standby when using these amazing sauces!

No matter which one you choose, you won’t be disappointed with Melinda’s vegan hot sauces.

9. Torchbearer

If you’re a fan of vegan hot sauces, then Torchbearer is the one for you. Their signature Sultry versatile Sauce is well-known among vegans and brings an amazingly flavorful heat to any meal.

But what makes it so delicious? Well, its base ingredients are habanero peppers combined with mandarin oranges, tomatoes, and carrots – all plant-based and vegan-friendly!

Aside from the Sultry Sauce, Torchbearer also offers two more honorable mentions: Sweet Onion Habanero and Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro. It’s no wonder why this brand has become such a hit with vegans; they provide some unique sauces that blend spices and top flavors perfectly.

So if you’re looking for a vegan substitute for your favorite hot sauce, look no further than Torchbearer!

10. Truff

Truff is a luxurious condiment brand that specializes in vegan hot sauces. Not only do they offer three hot sauce varieties – ranging slightly in terms of heat – but their Original Truff Hot Sauce is by far our favorite! This gluten-free hot sauce brings together the rich flavor of truffle mushrooms and traditional chili peppers for an unforgettable taste.

In addition to the hot sauces, Truff also offers vegan-friendly pasta sauce for you to enjoy as well. So if you’re looking for a unique, delicious experience from your condiment choices, be sure to check out the offering from Truff.

11. Seed Ranch Flavor Co.

Seed Ranch Flavor Co. is the perfect place for vegan hot sauce lovers. Their Thai Green Hot Sauce is a delight, full of cilantro and Thai ginger flavors that make it irresistible.

But that’s not all they offer – there are plenty of other gluten-free, vegan hot sauces to choose from, and some amazing condiments as well! If you’re bored with your regular Tabasco, discover a world of bold flavors at Seed Ranch Flavor Co. and find a hot sauce that you’ll love.

12. Los Calientes

Los Calientes is the vegan hot sauce of choice for those who like it smoky, sweet, and mouth-wateringly spicy. This punchy condiment rose to fame when it was featured on Hot Ones, the now iconic celebrity interview series hosted by Sean Evans that sees its celebrated guests challenge increasingly hot wings.

Recently Lizzo stars of Good As Hell took up their veganized Buffalo wing sauce challenge and blew our minds!

Whether you’re a fan of the show or just crave something with a bit of extra kick then Los Calientes is the perfect vegan hot sauce for you – wholesome spices and natural ingredients combine to make this an unbeatable kitchen staple. So why not give it a try today?

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