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Are Orange Seeds Edible? Let’s Find Out!

Are Orange Seeds Edible?

Can You Eat Orange Seeds? Are They Edible?

Oranges are known for being a healthy fibrous fruit and a great source of vitamin C in your diet, but have you ever stopped to wonder if the seeds of oranges are edible? 

Can You Eat Orange Seeds?

Orange seeds are very beneficial to our health and are edible too but they do have a bitter taste so you should be careful if they are not to your taste palette.

We’ve discussed below in more detail myths about swallowing orange seeds, the benefits of swallowing orange seeds and if you can eat the orange peel!

Myths About Swallowing Orange Seeds 

Orange seeds are normally discarded or spat out, leaving you to eat the sweet orange flesh only.

Normally, people have argued that orange seeds are harmful to swallow and cause problems in digestion which is why we have been taught to discard them, however, this is not true. 

Orange seeds are perfectly okay to consume and have many health benefits due to the high presence of vitamin C.

Can Orange Seeds Harm You?

The idea of orange seeds harming you comes from the idea that citrus fruits contain a compound called cyanide, cyanide can be harmful to humans but orange seeds only contain a tiny amount of the compound, you would need to eat a large number in order to get harmed. 

Cyanide inside of orange seeds is only on the inside, if you swallow them whole then there will be no effect from the cyanide.

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Benefits Of Eating Orange Seeds 

Orange seeds are great for boosting your intake of vitamin C but they also have lots of other unspoken benefits.

We’ve listed the benefits of consuming orange seeds down below. 

  • Energy boosting – The palmitic and oleic acid in orange seeds can help to boost your energy level in the entire body.
  • Can control your blood sugar – The high fiber content of oranges and orange seeds can help to keep your blood sugar under control and stop glucose levels from rising after a meal.
  • Good for hair – Eating orange seeds can make your hair healthy this is thanks to the bio – flavonoids and vitamin C, rubbing orange oil on your scalp can also help hair growth.
  • Helps constipation – Orange seeds have soluble and insoluble fiber which is excellent for bulking the stool and promotes regular bowel movements. 
Benefits Of Eating Orange Seeds 

Can You Eat Orange Peels?

Now you know you can eat the orange seeds in oranges, what about orange peels, are they also edible? 

Orange peels are indeed edible but most people don’t eat them since they can be hard to chew and break down in the body. They are full of powerful antioxidants and are high in vitamin C.

However, there are some major downfalls of eating orange peels which should be noted. 

  • It has an unpleasant taste – The peel of an orange is very bitter and has a tough and dry texture which can make it hard to chew.
  • Hard to digest – Orange skin has a very tough texture and is high in fiber, this could make the skin harder to digest.
  • Could have pesticide residue – Orange peels could potentially have pesticide residue on the skin which could be ingested when eating the peel, we suggest washing them well under hot water to get rid of any left.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orange Seeds Being Edible 

Can orange oil be used on strong hair? 

Yes, orange oil is a great option to rub on the scalp for strong hair thanks to its anti-oxidants.

How do you eat orange fruit seeds? 

To eat orange seeds, you can swallow them whole or chew them, although chewing them will release more of their bitter flavour. You could also add them to smoothies.

Why is vitamin C good for us?

Vitamin C is good for us since it contains nutrients for blood vessels in the body, building collagen in bones and helping muscle growth.

Last Words

To conclude, orange seeds are indeed edible and have lots of health benefits as well as them being a good source of vitamin C.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orange Seeds Being Edible 

You can also eat orange peel although it is harder to digest, make sure to have seeds and peel in moderation to avoid putting too much strain on your digestive system.

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