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Can You Get High Off Morning Glory Seeds? Read On!

Can You Get High Off Morning Glory Seeds?

Morning glory (sometimes spelled morning-glory) is the common name for about 1,000 blooming plant species in the Convolvulaceae family, whose taxonomy and systematics are now in flux. The majority of morning glory blooms bloom in the early morning, as the name indicates.

Can You Get High Off Morning Glory Seeds?

Can you get high off morning glory seeds? Yes! Although not a traditional high or ‘buzz’ experienced from plant based canabids, morning glory seeds do have psychedelic effects. These hallucinogenic effects were even used by the Aztecs, in ancient Mesoamerica.

For most morning glory plants, the blooms often begin to fade a few hours before the corolla begins to curl visibly. They like mesic soils and full sun exposure throughout the day. Although some morning glory blooms flower at night.

These hallucinogenic seeds have been known to humans for a very long time, with some seeds (namely Heavenly Blue) giving a more powerful high than others. The wide variety of species available in this plant group does lead to significant variation.

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What is Morning Glory?

Morning glory is a flowering plant, with hallucinogenic seeds. Chewing morning glory seeds and swallowing them from flower seed packages is a common way to experience a psychedelic high legally. Although some seeds are considered invasive species, and can’t be bought, sold, or imported.

Flower seed users have found many plant based highs in human history, with some even chewing marigold seeds to chase a drug like high. Lots of seeds have strange properties when ingested, and morning glory is no different. 

The psychedelic agent in morning glory is the same as in nervosa seeds, lysergic acid (better known as LSA). LSA is a hallucinatory substance that modifies human sensory perceptions, behaviour, and emotion in a temporary but potent manner at incredibly low dosages.

LSA is also a core component of the more famous psychedelic drug, lysergic acid diethylamide. LSD is known to have symptoms that are similar to those of mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Despite being around for so long, hallucinogenic compounds still baffle science to this day.

For a high with less psychoactive effects, some people will make a poppy seed cigarette. Poppies and poppy seeds are the types of seeds most closely related to opium production, better known as heroin. When refined, these popular flower seeds can become one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet.

Effects of Ingesting Morning Glory Seeds

If you are chasing a high, then the hallucinations induced by morning glory seeds may be considered positive effects. We would never encourage drug use, but these positive side effects of psychedelic plant seeds have been likened to other psychedelic trips.

Morning glory seed trips can be considered safer than acid or LSD related trips, largely thanks to their legal nature. Buying a morning glory seed dosage can be done over the counter of a garden centre, rather than through any shady drug deals putting you at risk.

Many user of the psychoactive substance will report feelings of total euphoria, on top of their visual hallucinations. There have also been incidents of people claiming to come out of their trip with greater knowledge and understanding of life. 

Commercial morning glory seeds should still be taken in a safe environment however, as with any drug you plan on taking. While we can’t stop you, we can reccomend safe practice. Hallucinogenic seeds from an individual seed sample can lead to unwanted distortion of your perception.

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Adverse Effects of Morning Glory Seeds

With this type of seed, severe side effects can occur. A bad trip can notoriously ruin any good time you were having with terrifying hallucinations, which is why it is important to practice safe trip etiquette. If you are eating these raw seeds with friends, ensure one friend remains sober. This ‘trip sitter’ can help keep everyone safe, monitored, and hydrated.

Adverse Effects of Morning Glory Seeds

Other unintended side effects can vary from person to person, but perhaps the most severe is suicide ideation. A trip sitter is ideal to have on hand to help calm anyone experiencing these sudden and unwarranted thoughts, and we have resources below to help, and use our guides as a risk assessment.

Other toxic side effects include an increase in heart rate, which when combined with a rise in blood pressure, can put susceptible people with existing heart conditions at risk. If you suffer from an existing heart risk or condition, then under no circumstances should you ingest morning glory seeds. 

Another set of unpleasant side effects from this psychoactive substance includes loss of appetite, sudden and unexpected risk of nausea, anxiety and panic disorders, vomiting, shizophrenic relapses in those suffering from schizophrenia, dizziness, dissociation, loss of memory, lethargy, and fatigue.

Extracting Morning Glory Seeds

While most drugs can be linked to lab production and drugs with substances which are unnatural, natural substances can still contain a similar chemical compound or chemical structure to manufactured drugs. The chemical composition of morning glory, for example, closely resembles LSD. 

Mind or mood altering substances are not to be played around with, but provided you have read our clearly defined risks we can look at common ways morning glory seeds are extracted. Being such a beautiful plant, you may find them commonly in the wild or in your garden. 

While some seeds can just be picked, the more complicated process is morning glory seed alcohol extraction. this chemical process is better suited for those with lab experience, as morning glory seed alcohol extraction is much too complex for the average user.

You’ll be better off buying packets of seeds at a plant nursery or garden centre. It can be difficult to discern an accurate morning glory seed dosage, so be careful to not take too many. 3 to 5 miligrams will generally be more than enough, or 200 seeds if you feel like counting.

Can you buy Morning Glory Seeds?

As previously mentioned, you can buy morning glory seeds anywhere that plant seeds are regularly sold. Fruit seeds, vegetable seeds, any crop seeds, all of these will not be what you are looking for, as morning glory is a beautiful flowering plant. 

You may be spoilt for choice when buying the seeds, as there are more than 1000 species of the flower. While a bad trip on the seeds can have a negative effect n your mental health, thankfully gardening has been a proven positive on mental health. 

So if you swear off morning glory seeds as a result of any of the aforementioned negative side effects, then at least cultivating them can be a good way to keep your mind healthy. Gardening can be an enjoyable way to maintain mental health. 

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Where is Morning Glory a Native Plant?

A climber native to Mexico and Central America, Ipomoea purpurea is also known as common morning glory, purple morning glory, or tall morning glory. Ipomoea tricolour, a climber native of the New World tropics, is very popular in British gardens.

In some parts of the United States and internationally, Ipomoea morning glory species can become invasive ‘problem weeds.’ Although these tend not be as much of an issue across the pond in the United Kingdom, where the plant isn’t so deadly to native flora. 

Resources to Help with Addiction Treatment

If you suffer from any types of addiction, then don’t be afraid to seek help. While addiction treatment can sound scary, especially with an ongoing public health crisis and worries over health insurance plans, drug addiction recovery can be achieved. 

Can You Get High Off Morning Glory Seeds?

Family therapy is one form of drug addiction treatment, and can be very effective. If you’re not interested in sharing your struggles with others, then many centres may over a fully confidential addiction assessment to get you on track again. Below are some numbers for addiciton and suicide prevention, as suicidal thoughts can occur while taking morning glory seeds.

US Suicide Prevention Line: 1-800-273-8255

American Addiciton Centre Line: (866) 807-4513

US Drug Abuse Hotline: (866) 807-4513

US Al-Anon and Al-Teen Hotline: 800-356-9996

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