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Is Country Crock Vegan?

Is Country Crock Vegan?

Is Country Crock Vegan?

Is Country Crock Vegan?

No, sadly most Country Crock products are not vegan. The company was originally known for its butter and cheese spreads when it first started out, so naturally, non-vegan products are still part of its product range.

However, in 2019 Country Crock reinvented its image when it released new plant-based products to cater to health-conscious individuals.

The Olive Oil Plant Butter Sticks is one of the new additions but there are some ingredients in this product that could be considered non-vegan. It’s important to read the label and check each ingredient carefully before purchasing if you’re looking for a vegan option.

Alternatively, you can go with organic or unprocessed alternatives like coconut oil or nut butter.

What Is Country Crock?

What Is Country Crock?

Country Crock is a very popular brand in the US, offering a range of dairy-based products since 1945. They started with butter and cheese, but gradually expanded their product line to include side dishes like mashed potatoes and pasta. Recently they released plant-based versions of their classic spreads, providing healthier options for those who prefer plant-based diets.

The transition to vegan-friendly products was an easy one for Country Crock, as all of their initial original products were more similar to spreads than plain butter. Their vegan formulations are made from blends of natural vegetable oils, flavored with ingredients such as almond, coconut, and avocado – making them a great option for health enthusiasts and vegans alike.

The vegan version is also gluten-free and non-GMO. So if you’re looking for dairy-free spreads you can trust Country Crock!

What Country Crock Products Are Vegan?

What Country Crock Products Are Vegan?

There are many vegan-friendly options that you can find in the Country Crock range of products. The original Buttery Spreads and Baking Sticks are not vegan as they do not use ingredients like butter or margarine, but there are a few other products from the company that is.

Country Crock’s Plant Butter Spreads are free from all animal products and use almond protein and plant oil for their flavor and texture. The spreads also contain vitamin D and palm oil which may be controversial to strictly practice vegans, so that is something to consider when making your purchasing decisions.

The Baking Sticks and Butter Sticks from Country Crock also have lesser amounts of fat than regular butter or margarine, but it is unclear whether these products are truly vegan-friendly or not.

As always, it’s important to double-check with the manufacturers to make sure the product is suitable for a vegan lifestyle before you buy it.

How Is Dairy Butter Different From Country Crock?

How Is Dairy Butter Different From Country Crock?

The country crock is a popular vegan alternative to regular dairy-based butter made with dairy products. It is different from dairy butter because it does not use any animal-derived ingredients, such as milk or cream.

Therefore, it contains less saturated fat compared to regular butter and has a similar taste and texture without animal byproducts.

In comparison to dairy butter, country crock makes use of avocado oil and olive oil as the primary ingredients to make its plant-based sticks and tubs.

This means that Country Crock spreads are considered vegan friendly even if some strict vegans would question the exact production processes used for these products.

Ultimately, Country Crock is an excellent alternative for those wanting to enjoy the taste of delicious butter without consuming any animal products.


Casein is a type of protein found in dairy products, including butter. It enhances the taste of cheese products and adds a creamy texture to them. When you’re looking for vegan options, it’s important to know if the product contains casein or not.

Country Crock does not contain any casein, so it’s a great choice for vegans. Their spreads and baking sticks are made from plant-based ingredients like oil and salt, without any dairy or animal byproducts. They are also preservative-free and are lower in saturated fats than traditional dairy butter.


Whey is a by-product of cheese production and sadly, it’s not a vegan-friendly ingredient. It’s created when liquid from curdled milk is strained and then processed and dehydrated into a powder that can be used as an ingredient in many products.

Unfortunately, this means that the butter sticks from Country Crock are not suitable for vegans as they contain whey. However, the oil plant butter Country Crock uses instead is completely vegan-friendly.


When looking for vegan butter spreads, one of the key things to look at is whether or not the product contains glycerides. Glycerides are fatty acids that come from plant-based sources, such as soybeans and palm oil, or animal sources like cow’s milk. While vegetable-based glycerides are allowed on vegan diets, some vegans avoid palm oil because of its environmental impact.

Unfortunately, Country Crock is not a vegan butter alternative because it contains glycerides derived from both animal and plant sources. It also contains unhealthy fats like saturated fats and trans fats that can have negative impacts on our health.

Additionally, it doesn’t provide any particular nutritional benefits which are something to keep in mind when deciding on a butter replacement.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is an important nutrient for the body and many plant-based eating plans often don’t contain enough of this essential vitamin. Fortunately, Country Crock buttery spread contains Vitamin D3 which is a great option for vegans looking to get their daily dose of this important vitamin.

Country Crock’s vegan buttery spread gets its extra Vitamin D3 from two sources: sheep wool (lanolin) and almond oil. This allows vegans to get their daily dose of Vitamin D3 without having to worry about whether it was ethically sourced or not.

Palm oil

When it comes to determining the vegan status of Country Crock, one must consider whether or not the product contains palm oil. Palm oil is a controversial ingredient for vegans as it is associated with deforestation and the mistreatment of laborers in many parts of the world. Palm oil also has been linked to species endangerment due to its wide-scale use.

Country Crock has made efforts towards protecting the ethical production of its products by being a member of RSPO, or Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. This organization ensures that consumers purchasing food products that include palm oil are getting it from sources that treat the environment, and their workers, fairly.

However, this doesn’t make all Country Crock butter sticks 100% vegan approved.

Are Country Crock Baking Sticks Vegan-Friendly?

Are Country Crock Baking Sticks Vegan-Friendly?

Country Crock is one of those brands that many people love. They offer a variety of original spreads, including their popular Country Crock original spread which is vegan-friendly. However, their line of baking sticks is not vegan-friendly since one of their top ingredients is whey – a direct by-product of dairy that comes from cheese production.

So if you’re looking for a vegan original butter alternative to use in baking, you should try opting for other options such as vegan margarine or vegetable butter instead. These will provide the same buttery taste and texture while also being vegan-friendly so you can rest assured knowing that whatever you make with them won’t contain any animal products!

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