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Do Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Kill Parasites? – Find Out Here!

Do Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Kill Parasites

Could Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Help To Kill Parasites? – Our Guide

As we all know, bringing seeds into our diet has many health benefits, from added fibre to anti-oxidants, but is it true that pumpkin seeds in particular can kill parasites?

Pumpkin seeds have no proven direct correlation with killing parasites, but it is rumoured the compound inside of these seeds called Cucurbita could help to get rid of parasites, this is just a rumour, however.

Down below, we will discuss why we get parasites, what roasted pumpkin seeds are good for and some other proven anti-parasitic food to help kill parasites in your body.

Why Do We Get Parasites?

Intestinal parasites can make us very sick, causing havoc on our digestive tract, eating our food in the human body and making us generally very unwell. 

Most of the time, these infections from worms are spread by bad water or food, however, parasitic worms can also enter the human body through contamination of stool or swimming in contaminated waters.

Some symptoms of parasitic infections are – 

  • Weight loss. 
  • Stomach cramps. 
  • Dehydration. 
  • Trouble staying asleep. 
  • Constant hunger.
  • Diarrhoea or constipation. 

Are Pumpkin Seeds Good For You?

The power of pumpkin seeds can have a great number of health benefits, but this health food is not proven to be a parasite treatment despite it containing Cucurbita which is said to kill parasites. 

Pumpkin seeds do have a number of other health benefits however which are worth knowing below. 

  • They can help blood sugar – Pumpkin has hypoglycemic properties to help balance blood sugar in the body, combined with linseed this is even more effective.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants – Green pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants to keep your body’s cells healthy and can help to reduce breast cancer risk.
  • Keeps your heart healthy – Pumpkin seeds contain alpha-linolenic acid which is unsaturated fat, this has been proven to be beneficial to the heart, these moist pumpkin seeds have also been proven to lower cholesterol levels in some people.
  • Could reduce the risk of cancer – No single food can prevent cancer, but there has been evidence that eating pumpkin seeds as part of a healthy diet could help lower the risk of getting some cancers such as breast and bowel.
  • Great for the bladder – The oil from ground seeds have been linked to the potential of treating UTIs and other bladder issues in people.

The Proven Foods Which Help Kill Parasites

Although pumpkin seeds have not been proven as a treatment for parasite elimination, there are some foods which have been said to kill certain kinds of parasites. 

We’ve listed our top 6 anti-parasitic foods down below which could be had in combination with treatment to help get rid of parasites. 

  • Garlic – Garlic has been well known as an anti-bacterial food for a long time, containing allicin and ajoene, this can help to get rid of common types parasites and also helps to detox the body.
  • Turmeric – Tumeric is naturally found to be anti-inflammatory and healing for the body, consuming tea could help with parasite treatment.
  • Papaya seeds – Papaya seeds are said to be highly effective against killing some parasites like tapeworm, they can be mixed with apple cider vinegar for the best results.
  • Ginger – Stomach acid can help with a parasite cleanse, ginger helps to stimulate the production of stomach acid in the body.
  • Cucumber seeds – Cucumber seeds have been rumoured to help get rid of tapeworms in your digestive system, grinding them up can help with effectiveness.

Last Words

Overall, roasted pumpkin seeds have been proven to contain a compound called Cucurbita that could aid in the process of getting rid of parasites in the body, however, it has not been proven as a complete treatment, so might be best used in combination with medicine or other foods.

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