Author - Kirsten Carter

Is Diet Soda Vegan?

Is Diet Soda Vegan? Find Out Here

Can I Drink Diet Soda As a Vegan? – Everything You Need To Know Diet soda is a pretty popular drink for many of us, without any calories or sugar the sodas are appealing to people who want to avoid normal high calories sugary drinks without the soda tasting any different. Vegans however have to be careful with diet sodas as the caramel colouring can sometimes be derived from animals bone chars, most of the big brands such as Diet Coke [...]

How To Eat Moringa Seeds?

How To Eat Moringa Seeds? Know Here

Our Ultimate Guide To Eating Moringa Seeds Moringa seeds are an excellent superfood from India and contain multiple vitamins and health benefits for your body when eaten. But this begs the question, how on earth do you eat these seeds? Well, Moringa seeds can be eaten by roasting them, blending them, boiling or even steaming in various recipes for health and added flavour.  In our short informative guide below we will go over some benefits you can get from eating Moringa seeds as [...]

Does Roasting Flax Seeds Destroy Nutrients

Does Roasting Flax Seeds Destroy Nutrients? – Be The Judge!

How Should I Eat Flax Seed In My Diet – Our Guide! Flaxseeds are an excellent superfood with many health benefits, they can be eaten raw or cooked in your diet and used within many different recipes. Many people assume that by cooking flaxseeds rather than eating them raw they can lose nutrients but this is not true, they both have a similar nutritional content, the only way you can destroy the nutrients inside of flax seeds is by heating them [...]