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Are Blow Pops Vegan? Find Out Here!

Are Blow Pops Vegan? Find Out Here!

Are Blow Pops Vegan?

Are Blow Pops Vegan?

The key ingredients in Blow Pops are all plant-based and do not contain any animal products. This makes them suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Are Blow Pops vegan? The answer is yes! Blow Pops are a popular lollipop made by Charms, a division of the Tootsie Roll Industries.

The ingredient lists in Blow Pops make them a great vegan treat for those looking for a sweet snack without breaking their dietary restrictions. They are also gluten-free, making them a great option for those with gluten sensitivities.

Are Charms Blow Pops Vegan?

Are Charms Blow Pops Vegan?


Charms Blow Pops have some yummy gluten-based ingredients. The sweet treat has beet sugar, corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, vegetable oil (palm oil), and soy lecithin.

It also has a few colors to make the pops look bright and tasty like red 40, yellow 5 & 6 lake, blue 1 lake, and titanium oxide. All of these combine to provide a flavorful experience that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Gum Base

Charms Blow Pops are made with gum base, which is a combination of refined sugar, corn syrup, and other flavors. This base provides an elasticity that allows the fun candies to be flexible while still retaining their shape.

The gum base also serves as a binding agent so that all of the flavors are evenly distributed throughout each lollipop. Despite being vegan-friendly since they don’t contain any animal products, it’s worth noting that the gum base used in Charms Blow Pops may be derived from an animal source.

Corn Syrup

Unfortunately, most Corn Syrup isn’t vegan as it contains animal-derived ingredients such as honey or eggs. Therefore if Charms Blow Pops contain Corn Syrup then chances are they aren’t suitable for vegans.

Additionally, if any dairy products or other animal-derived ingredients are used in the production of these wild chamois vegan-friendly candies then they wouldn’t be vegan either!


Charms Blow Pops are made of the finest quality organic sugar. For those who have a sweet tooth and don’t want to worry about nutritional values, this is definitely the treatment for you. Each pop contains half a teaspoon of brown sugar, providing an energizing snack without feeling guilty about your health.


Most manufacturers use vegetable glycerin which is usually sourced from either soy or palm oil and does not contain any animal byproducts making the Charm Blow Pops vegan-friendly.

However, there are some companies that still manufacture products using animal fat so it’s always important to read labels in order to make sure you’re getting a vegan product.

Artificial Flavors

Charms Blow Pops are made with artificial flavors, making them perfect for vegans and vegetarians alike. These delicious treats are free of any animal products, giving you that sweet indulgence without sacrificing your sweet conscience.


Starch is a common ingredient used in many vegan food products, including Charms Blow Pops. Starch is derived from plants and is therefore vegan-friendly. It helps to bind the organic ingredients together and gives the lollipops their shape and texture.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a common vegan-safe ingredient found in many food products, including Charms Blow Pops. It is derived from citrus fruits and is vegan-friendly. Citric acid helps to give the lollipops their tart flavor and also helps to preserve the candy so that it lasts longer.

Turmeric Coloring

Charms Blow Pops are colored with a natural plant pigment known as turmeric, which is derived from the root of the Curcuma longa plant. This provides this popular lollipop candy treat with its signature yellow/orange hue and warm flavor without having to use any unhealthy ingredients.

Artificial Colors

Charms Blow Pops contain artificial colors, which is something that vegan eaters need to be aware of. These bright and vibrant colors may look appealing on the wrapper but unfortunately, many of them are derived from animal products rather than natural ingredients.

Things like carmine, cochineal extract, and other derivatives are not vegan-friendly. That being said, there are some options available with approved colorings from their FDA list of ingredients and companies who market these using certifications such as Non-GMO Project Verified or rainforest alliance certified. 


BHT, or Butylated Hydroxytoluene, is a preservative found in many food products including Charms Blow Pops. It helps to prevent the candy products from going rancid and keeps them fresh for longer.

BHT is derived from petroleum and is vegan-friendly, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a vegan alternative. Additionally, BHT has been approved by the FDA as safe for human consumption.

Do Blow Pops Have Gelatin?

Do Blow Pops Have Gelatin?

The question of whether or not blow pops contain gelatin has become increasingly important as more consumers look to avoid animal-derived products. Fortunately, the answer is no – Blow Pops do not contain gelatin.

The main ingredient of a Blow Pop is white sugar, corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, with other flavors and colors added for taste. While many people believe that gelatin is an essential ingredient in blow pops, this could not be further from the truth!

Do Blow Pops Contain Dairy?

Do Blow Pops Contain Dairy?

If you’re wondering if Blow Pops contain any dairy, the answer is no. Blow Pops are made from all-vegan ingredients and are completely dairy-free. They have a hard candy shell and a soft, cream center that is entirely vegan-friendly.

So whether you’re lactose intolerant or just avoiding dairy for personal reasons, you can enjoy these yummy treats without worry! 

Is Honey Used To Sweeten Blow Pops?

Is Honey Used To Sweeten Blow Pops?

When it comes to your favorite Blow Pop treats you may be wondering if they are sweetened with honey, or what other ingredients are used. The answer is no – Honey is not used to sweetening Blow Pops.

Instead, this snack is sweetened with corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, and various other ingredients. Natural flavors can come from vegetable sources such as peppermint oil while artificial flavors will usually be made from lab-made chemicals that mimic the taste of certain real food items but without any of the nutritional value.

Whether it’s a watermelon Blow Pop or a chocolate flavor one, rest assured that no honey is needed for a delicious treat!

Do Blow Pops Have Eggs In Them?

Blow Pops are a type of confectionery lollipop with a bubble gum center that has become increasingly popular since its invention in the 1970s. Despite their sugary sweetness, they do not contain any eggs or egg products whatsoever.

Are All Flavours Of Blow Pops Vegan?

When it comes to Blow Pops, the question many vegans have is: are all flavors vegan-friendly? The good news is that most of the original Blow Pops flavors do not contain any animal-based ingredients. So if you’re looking for a delicious, vegan-friendly treat, then Blow Pops could be it.

Are All Tootsie Products Vegan?

All Tootsie products are indeed vegan. Even their signature chocolates and fruity snacks contain no animal products or by-products.

Their ever-expanding selection of scrumptious items ranges from traditional favorites such as Fruit Rolls and Junior Mints to newer delights such as Dipped Dots Fudge Swirl Bites or flavored wafers.

They also have a variety of delicious vegan candy bars, including Milkless Caramel Apple Pops and Vanilla FrostEE Snack Bars. So if you’re avoiding animal products in your diet, there’s something for everyone at Tootsie!

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