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Is Rye Whiskey Gluten Free? Find Out Here!

Is Rye Whiskey Gluten Free? Find Out Here!

Is Rye Whiskey Gluten Free?

Rye whiskey is considered gluten-safe according to Beyond Celiac. However, there are still some people out there who may experience a gluten reaction after drinking rye whiskey.

So, if you’ve never tried rye whiskey before, start slowly and pay close attention to any symptoms you might feel. You should also keep track of the brands you try so you can avoid those that cause problems later on.

What Is Whiskey Made From?

What Is Whiskey Made From?

You may be wondering if rye whiskey is gluten-free. You’d be right to wonder. While most whiskeys are made from grains that contain gluten, rye whiskey is made from rye grain. So, yes, rye whiskey is gluten-free which means that it’s safe for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

There are several types of whiskey, including bourbon, scotch, single-malt Irish whiskey, and rye whiskey. Each type uses a specific combination of grains to produce its unique flavor. Some whiskeys are made from only one type of grain, while others combine two or more.

Knowing that some of these grains are gluten-containing gives you pause to think that maybe distilled whiskey isn’t gluten-free. But, knowing that rye whiskey is gluten-friendly makes it clear that it’s safe for anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Gluten-Free Whiskey Brands

Gluten-Free Whiskey Brands

There are loads of different types of whiskeys available, including bourbon, scotch, Irish, Canadian, Japanese, etc. Some of these varieties of whiskey are gluten-free, while others may not be. You’ll want to look for those that are gluten-free if you’re trying to avoid gluten.

Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

Gluten-free whiskeys are becoming increasingly common. There are several favorite whiskey brands available today, including Crown Royal Pure Rye Whiskey. You’ll find that most of these products are made using corn instead of wheat. However, there are still plenty of options if you prefer to avoid gluten altogether.

If you’re looking for a gluten-free option, look no further than Crown Royal Pure Rye Whiskey. It’s made using corn instead of barley, making it safe for those who suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Fireball Whiskey

You may want to try Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. According to the Fireball brand website, this cinnamon-flavored whiskey isn’t made with any grains containing gluten. Instead, it uses rice malt syrup, which is naturally gluten-free.

This is a great option if you have celiac disease or another gluten intolerance. You’ll find that most brands of whiskey are made using wheat, barley, rye, or corn. Make your choice based on your sensitivities and what’s right for your body.

Glenfiddich Scotch

Glenfiddich Scotch

Glenfiddich has been one of Scotland’s most famous whiskies for decades now. It’s not quite so complex or demanding as some other, more ambitious Glenfiddich but it’s just about as satisfying and enjoyable an introductory whisky as you’re likely to come across.

Hudson Bay Bourbon

This Hudson Bay bourbon is made using 100% corn and wheat whiskeys. It’s aged in charred American oak barrels for at least two years. The result is a smooth, rich taste that pairs perfectly with food. Hudson bay bourbon is gluten-free and suitable for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

According to its website, Jack Daniel’s is gluten-free because it removes any traces of gluten from the whiskey during the distillation stage.

Those with celiac disease should always ask if a product is gluten-free before buying it. You may find that certain brands of gluten-free beer and other foods are safe for consumption.

However, if you have celiac disease, you should always ask if a specific product is gluten-free. There are many brands out there that claim to be gluten-free diets but don’t actually test for gluten content.

Gluten-Free Alcoholics Drinks

Gluten-Free Alcoholics Drinks

Here are some popular gluten-free alcoholic drinks available:


Hard cider is a great gluten-free alternative to beer if you prefer the bubbly feeling of drinking an alcoholic beverage without the calories. You’ll find a wide variety of hard ciders at grocery stores and liquor stores. Some popular whiskey brands are sweetened, others not, and most come in bottles rather than cans.

You can enjoy hard cider on its own, or add fruit juices and flavorings to give it a unique taste. Try adding berries, pineapple, or other fruits to create new and interesting combinations. Perry drinks are made with pear juice and are fermented in the same way that ciders are.



There are lots of different types of vodka out there. Some are made from cereals, others from potatoes, and still others from wheat. Vodkas are usually distilled twice, meaning that they are filtered through charcoal filters after distillation.


Tequila is made from the agave plant, which is naturally gluten-safe. However, if you’re concerned about whether or not your tequila is gluten-free, look for the word “agave” on the label. Agave is the only ingredient listed on the bottle, so you’ll know it’s gluten-free.

You may also want to consider checking the alcohol percentage on the bottle. Tequilas typically range between 40%-60%, so you should be able to find a tequila that fits within those parameters.


Rum is generally safe to consume on a gluten-free lifestyle. However, if you notice any off flavors, avoid drinking it until you determine whether it was caused by oxidation or another issue. You should also avoid mixing alcohol with foods containing gluten since the combination can cause serious health issues.


Gin is made from grain spirits, which means that it has gluten-containing grains. However, through the distilling process, the gluten is removed during the production of gin. Gin is typically flavored with juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, cardamom pods, citrus peel, and/or ginger.


Rye Whiskey is gluten-free, but if you’re sensitive to gluten, you should avoid drinking it. You can buy rye whiskeys that are made from 100% gluten-free grains.

But, if you prefer flavored whiskey, you’ll want to look for those that are made from 100 percent gluten-free grains. Enjoy it in moderation. Don’t exceed one standard mixed drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men.

Rye Whiskey is gluten-free, but not all whiskeys are. You should always buy a product made from 100 percent gluten-free grains, like corn, millet, sorghum, or wheat. Also, if you’re sensitive to gluten, avoid drinking any version of whiskey that has additional ingredients added to it after distillation.

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