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Wendy’s Vegetarian Options 2024

Wendy's Vegetarian Options 2022

What Are Some Vegetarian Options At Wendy’s?

What Are Some Vegetarian Options At Wendy's?

Wendy’s Restaurant is an ideal place for vegetarians to find delicious and healthy food options.

Their menu includes a variety of plant-based products, such as their veggie sandwich, veggie burger, garden side salad, and French fries. Their new Superfood Side item is also vegan-friendly and contains kale and brussels sprouts.

For breakfast, Wendy’s offers the Mushroom Swiss Burger–a quarter-pound beef patty served with mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese slices, a cheese sandwich, plus crisp green leaf lettuce and creamy mayonnaise served on a toasted bun.

Natural-Cut Fries

Natural-Cut Fries are the perfect choice for vegetarians at Wendy’s. These delicious, golden fries are made with potatoes that have been fried in natural oils, meaning they don’t contain any animal products and provide a flavorful vegan dressing option on the menu.

In addition to being vegetarian and vegan friendly, these fries are also cooked up in a trans-fat-free fryer, making them a healthier alternative to other fast food French fries.

Sour Cream & Chive Baked Potato

Those looking for a delicious vegetarian option at Wendy’s need look no further than their Sour Cream & Chive Baked Potato. This creamy and savory baked potato is a great source of protein and complex carbohydrates, making it an excellent choice for vegetarians.

It also comes topped with freshly diced red onions and chives, adding a great flavor to the mix. The Sour Cream & Chive Baked Potato makes a great accompaniment to Wendy’s salads or sandwich wraps.

Seasoned Potatoes

Wendy’s offers some delicious vegetarian options, including their signature seasoned homestyle potatoes. These potatoes are made with a blend of spices and herbs that give them a unique flavor profile.

They come in both regular and chili cheese varieties, so vegetarians can enjoy all the flavors of Wendy’s fries without relying on animal products!

Southwest Avocado Salad

Southwest Avocado Salad from Wendy’s is a delicious, nutritious vegetarian option that is sure to satisfy your hunger. This salad is packed with flavorful ingredients like black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, and red onions.

The real stars of this salad are the succulent avocados. Each salad also comes with a creamy cilantro lime dressing as well as crunchy tortilla chips and strips for added flavor and texture.

Taco Salad

Taco Salad is one of the many vegetarian options available at Wendy’s. This delicious dish consists of a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, topped with deliciously seasoned beef.

The Taco Salad can be complemented with a side of cheese or sour cream and also comes with chips and salsa to make it a hearty meal.

Apple Pecan Salad

The Apple Pecan Salad from Wendy’s is one of the many vegetarian options available at the fast-food chain. It’s made with romaine lettuce, red and green apples, caramelized pecans, blue cheese crumbles, and a balsamic vinaigrette.

The salad is served chilled, which helps to make it light yet still very flavorful. The combination of sweet apples and crunchy roasted pecans gives the salad a unique texture that makes it stand out among all other fast-food salads.

And the balsamic vinaigrette provides an added depth of flavor that elevates this dish above the rest. This delicious option is sure to leave vegetarians feeling satisfied after their meal!

What Vegetarian Sides Does Wendy’s Offer?

What Vegetarian Sides Does Wendy's Offer?

Wendy’s Restaurant offers several options for vegetarians to enjoy at the fast-food restaurant. The menu includes but is not limited to side salads, Garden Side Salad, Apple Bites, and a variety of vegetables that customers can order in addition to their veggies or a meat-free burger.

Is There A Vegetarian Dessert At Wendy’s?

Is There A Vegetarian Dessert At Wendy's?

Wendy’s does have a vegetarian dessert option, which is the Chocolate Frosty! This delicious frozen treat is made with cocoa powder and non-fat milk, so it meets all of the requirements for vegetarian menu options and vegetarian diets. Plus, it’s super creamy and tasty.

What Vegetarian Snacks Does Wendy’s Have?

Wendy’s has a wide variety of vegetarian quick snacks to choose from. They offer several options to please even the pickiest eaters.

Whether you’re looking for something on-the-go, or want something to satisfy your hunger during lunch or dinnertime, Wendy’s has something for everyone.

Are Wendy’s Fries Vegetarian?

Are Wendy's Fries Vegetarian?

The good news is that Wendy’s fries vegan are indeed vegetarian-friendly! They contain no animal-derived ingredients and instead use vegetable oil and potato ingredients.

Plus, they’re cooked separately from any other items that contain meat, so vegetarians can safely enjoy them without the risk of cross-contamination with non-vegan meals.

Is Wendy’s Frosty Vegetarian?

The Wendy’s Frosty is a beloved treat for many, so it’s understandable if you were wondering whether or not it’s vegetarian-friendly.

While Frosty isn’t officially certified as a vegetarian, Wendy’s has stated that all ingredients used in the Frosty are in fact suitable for vegetarians. So, even though it is not certified as such, the Frosty can still be enjoyed by those following a vegetarian diet.

What Are Some Vegan Options At Wendy’s

What Are Some Vegan Options At Wendy's

Fresh-Made Salads

Fresh-Made Salads at Wendy’s are some of the best vegan options on the menu. All salads can be customized with a base of greens and then topped with your favorite veggies, seeds, croutons, and a handful of other toppings like cucumber slices, tomatoes, and peppers.

You can also add fresh-cut avocado to any salad for an extra protein boost. Even better, all salads can be served with one of Wendy’s delicious “no-chicken” strips which are made from plant-based ingredients.

Fries & Sides

Fries & Sides are the perfect vegan-friendly accompaniment at Wendy’s. The chain offers a variety of French fries, sweet potato fries, and chili cheese potatoes that can be enjoyed by vegans. Plus, if you’d like your fries with a kick, you can try Wendy’s spicy buffalo or jalapeno fries for some added flavor.


Wendy’s offers a variety of vegan options for Wendy’s Veggie Sandwich. Their classic Homestyle or Spicy Baja burgers can be made vegan-friendly by simply removing the beef patties, cheese, and mayonnaise.

In place of the ground beef patty, try topping your sandwich with one of Wendy’s tasty plant-based options like their Beyond Meat burger patty or their Black Bean Burger. Both are hearty, delicious, and packed with protein and fiber that all vegans need!


When it comes to vegan options at Wendy’s, breakfast is no different! There are plenty of delicious breakfast options that cater to vegans. From veggie-packed omelets and burritos to an avocado BLT sandwich on a freshly-baked bun, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

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