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Del Taco Gluten-Free Options 2024

Del Taco Gluten-Free Options 2022

Del Taco Gluten-Free Options 2023

Del Taco Gluten-Free Options 2023

If you’ve ever tried to find naturally gluten-free food options on a fast-casual restaurant menu, you’ll know that it can be difficult. Most restaurants don’t have dedicated gluten-free menus, and most items on regular versatile menus are made with wheat flour.

That’s where Del Taco comes in. Their menu offers plenty of delicious gluten-free options that are great for those following a gluten-free diet. You can enjoy avocado veggie bowls, hash brown sticks, street tacos, beyond tacos, crinkle-cut fries, vanilla shakes, Fresca bowls, American grill, nachos, and more.

Avocado Veggie Bowl

Avocado Veggie Bowl

Del Taco makes a great avocado veggie bowl. It’s made with crispy, green romaine lettuce; iceberg lettuce; tomatoes; onions; black beans; cilantro lime rice; and avocados. It’s topped off with a creamy guacamole sauce and served with tortilla chips.

This delicious dish is ideal for those who are trying to eat healthier or for those who are following a vegan or vegetarian diet. They also provide essential fatty acids, including omega 3 and 6.

Hash Brown Sticks

Hash Brown Sticks

Del Taco’s hash brown sticks are a great option for those who are gluten-free. They’re made without wheat flour, making them safe for anyone who needs to avoid gluten. Plus, they only have 180 mg of sodium per serving, compared to the average fast food restaurant’s 300+ mg of sodium.

They’re a great choice for a healthier alternative to French fries or potato chips. And, since they’re not fried, they won’t add extra fat to your diet.

Carne Asada Fries

Carne Asada Fries

Del Taco offers a great gluten-free alternative to traditional hash browns. These crispy potato sticks are made with 100% white potatoes and come topped with spicy carne asada, guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, and a special secret sauce.

They’re a delicious snack that’s high in fiber and low in fat. Plus, they’re only 790 calories per serving!

Street Tacos

Street Tacos

Del Taco offers delicious gluten-free street tacos that are made with crispy lettuce instead of a flour tortilla. These tacos are great for those who prefer fresh takes on classic Mexican food.

You can choose between their Carnes asadas or marinated chicken tacos. Both have a calorie count of 180 and 190, respectively. My favorite taco is their chicken variety.

However, if you’re looking for an authentic gluten-free dining experience, I recommend swapping out their crunchy corn tortillas with crisp lettuce. Their tangy green sauce blends perfectly with the flavors of the meats and veggies.

Beyond Taco

Beyond taco’s gluten-free recipe is great for those who are trying to eat healthier. It’s made with Beyond Tacos’ signature seasoned plant-based perfect meat substitute, which tastes so much like regular tacos that you won’t even notice the difference.

Besides being delicious, this taco is also healthy. It’s packed with protein and low in cholesterol. You’ll find it at most grocery stores nationwide.

Crinkle-Cut Fries

Del Taco’s crinkle-cut fries are the perfect side dish for burgers and tacos. These crispy fries come in three sizes – small, medium, and macho, with calories ranging from 160 to 410.

These fries are delicious on their own, but you can really take them to the next step by dipping them in any one of Del Taco’s signature sauces.

When it comes to exceeding my expectation for crinkle-cut French fries, I expect them to retain their potato taste and have the right amount of seasoning. And these didn’t disappoint.

Vanilla Shake

Del Taco’s vanilla shake is made with 100% dairy-free milk and no artificial ingredients. It’s also vegan and gluten-free. You’ll find it at most locations nationwide.

You can sip it as a delicious dessert or a refreshing beverage to help you cool off after a long day. It’s also vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free.

So, take your time sipping this decadent, creamy delight, especially on a hot summer night. If vanilla doesn’t suit your taste, you can also try the chocolate and strawberry flavors.

Fresca Bowls

Del Taco offers a variety of gluten-free options at its restaurants. You can order Fresca bowls online if you prefer to eat at home.

These delicious bowls come loaded with fresh vegetables, beans, rice, cheese, and salsa. Del Taco’s Fresca bowls are made with 100% white rice and are completely gluten-free.

American Grill

Del Taco is known for its American grill menu items. These include burgers, tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, salads, and more.

Del Taco offers gluten-free options for those who have celiac disease or wheat allergies. Their gluten-free fast food menu items include Carne Asada Fries, Crinkle Cut Fries, and Crispy Chicken Tenders.


Del Taco offers a wide variety of gluten-free options at its restaurants. You’ll find regular nachos, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, salads, and more.


Del Taco offers delicious gluten-free desserts that are made without any artificial ingredients. These include chocolate shakes, strawberry shakes, vanilla shakes, and more.

These gluten-free treats are great for anyone who needs to avoid gluten. You won’t find any artificial flavors or preservatives here, making them safe for everyone.


They offer a large selection of gluten-free beverages, including juices, teas, sodas, milkshakes, smoothies, shakes, frozen treats, and more. You can find gluten-free soda flavors like cherry cola, grape, lemonade, orange, raspberry, and strawberry.


Breakfast is the most crucial quick meal in the morning. You should eat breakfast every morning to keep yourself healthy and energized throughout the day.

Hash brown sticks are a great option on the breakfast menu if you’re trying to lose weight or cut down on carbs. These hash brown sticks are made from 100% whole wheat flour and are low carb, high protein, and delicious.

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