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Do Seeds Cause Heartburn? Read On!

Seeds for your heart's health

Will Eating Seeds Cause Heartburn?

If you’ve recently started integrating seeds into your diet only to find that your heartburn is worse than usual, you might be wondering if the seeds are to blame? 

Although unlikely, it’s possible that seeds could trigger your heart burn due to their high-fat content, you would need to be eating them in excess however since seeds contain unsaturated fats, they are less likely to blame than other high-fat foods.

We’ve discussed below why heartburn happens in people, foods that likely trigger heartburn, foods which are good for heartburn and some tips for managing it.

Why Does Heart Burn Happen In People? 

For people who suffer from heartburn, it can be a very unpleasant sensation. Heartburn happens when the acid from your stomach becomes backed up in your esophagus. 

When acid enters the lower esophageal sphincter, it is likely because the throat did not or became weak, which in turn causes that burning sensation we hate, it has nothing to do with your heart. 

Heart burn can be triggered by numerous different things and varies between individuals, for some people their trigger might be chocolate while for others it’s a large meal. It tends to occur mostly in people who are pregnant or people who are overweight. Find out here an in depth explanation about Hemp Hearts Vs Chia Seeds

Different types of seeds, some might cause heartburn

Which Foods Make Heart Burn Worse? 

As we mentioned, the foods which trigger heartburn symptoms in individuals vary, but over time, we’ve been able to pinpoint the most common types which likely cause acid reflux. 

We’ve listed some foods to avoid if you suffer from acid reflux below.


Alcohol is well known to make heartburn worse in people since it relaxes your lower oesophagal sphincter (LES), this relaxation can then allow acid reflux to leak into your throat causing the burning sensation. Be careful of mixed drinks with bubbles too since this can push stomach acid up.


Raw onion is acidic and is proven to worsen heartburn symptoms in some people, as to why people are not sure, but most assume they stimulate acid production in the stomach.


The cocoa in chocolate relaxes your LES, which is a common trigger for heartburn, chocolate also has higher factors for heartburn since it contains caffeine and plant chemicals, leaking acid from the backflow of the stomach. 

Fatty Foods 

Fatty foods are much slower to break down in your digestive system and relax your LES. Some common trigger fatty foods are fried, food dairy which is full fat and bacon. 

The longer your favourite food sits in your stomach then the longer extra acid gets produced.

Acidic Foods 

Tomato products, juices and citrus fruits are all very acidic types of food, these acidic foods plus stomach acid increase the likely hood of acid reflux being triggered.

Spicy Foods

Spicy food should be avoided at all costs to help control your heartburn symptoms, this is because the spice in these foods often contains capsaicin which triggers acid and irritates many people’s throats. 


Garlic cooked and raw can make your heartburn symptoms worse, it can also cause acid reflux in people who don’t typically suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease. Read more here Is Garlic Powder Gluten Free?

Some seeds might not be good for acid reflux
assorted grains and seeds background

Which Foods Make Heart Burn Better? 

Now we’ve discussed which foods can make heartburn symptoms worse we can move on to foods that could make your acid reflux better. 

We’ve listed a few of our best picks below to try and integrate into your diet.


Veggies are just simply good for you and can help with heartburn symptoms, they also can lower blood sugar, and give you fibre and proper nutrients.


Yoghurt is soothing to people with the risk of heartburn, it’s also a great source of probiotics and protein for your diet.

Lean Protein

Lean proteins like egg whites, chicken or tofu are good for acid reflux symptoms since they are lower in fat, avoid frying these when possible.

Seeds and Nuts 

Yes, that’s right, seeds and nuts can both be great for a person with reflux disease as their fibre and nutrients can help soak up acid stomach contents, they are also just great for your body in moderation.


Ginger is inflammatory for the body, it is used to treat several gastrointestinal problems in the body, and the acidity of stomach acid is one of them. Took as tea could help reflux or an upset stomach.

Healthy Fat 

Just because fatty foods can make reflux worse, doesn’t mean you need to stay away from all fats, for example, avocados and olive oil are both good for reducing the acidity of stomach contents.

Whole grains 

High fibre whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal can be used to help control the tendency towards reflux when eating, their fibre helps to soak up acidity too.

Some nuts may cause heartburn because of high fiber

Our Best Tips For Managing Heart Burn 

If you suffer from heartburn and have a hard time figuring out the food culprits we’ve listed some of our top tips for helping you handle your heart burn below. 

  • Keep your weight in check – People who have a higher weight are more likely to get symptoms of GERD when eating spicy foods and high-fat foods. Losing weight and doing regular exercise might help with this. You can find out here Which Seeds Are Good For Weight Loss.
  • Do not lie down after meals – For at least 3 hours before bedtime, you should not ingest food to reduce GERD, try and plan to have dinner earlier so your body has more time to break down the food.
  • Lower carbs and sugars – Reducing refined carbs and sugars in your diet can help manage symptoms, aim for high fibre and lots of veggies in your diet.
  • Keep your head elevated – When resting in bed or on the sofa, try keeping your head propped up to alleviate acid from travelling up your throat.

Final Words

Overall, seeds do not cause heartburn often in people unless they are eaten in excess, seeds and nuts can help to improve heartburn symptoms since they are high in fibre and full of good fats for the body. 

To control heart burn, we suggest avoiding spicy foods, fatty foods and anything acidic, try to avoid lying down after meals too and eat slowly.

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