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Is Mustard Flour Gluten Free?

Is Mustard Flour Gluten Free

Can I Have Mustard Flour On A Gluten Free Diet?

As a celiac, or someone suffering from a gluten related food disorder, figuring out what flour is gluten free can be challenging, but what about mustard flour? Is it gluten free friendly? 

Mustard flour is typically regarded as gluten free being made out of just dry mustard, but always cross check the label for any added ingredients and cross contamination.

We’ve discussed in further detail below which flours like mustard flour are gluten free as well as if mustard itself is gluten free to see if it’s suitable for your diet.

What Is Mustard Flour Made From?

Mustard flour is simply another name for ground mustard seeds or dry mustard, the yellow mustard flour can be used for making pasta, roasts and even salad dressings where mustard options fit nicely with the dish, it can also be used in place of fresh Dijon Mustard.

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Which Flour Types Are Gluten Free?

Apart from mustard flour, you might also be interested in other flours which are gluten free to help prevent confusion, we’ve listed some types below. 

  • Oat flour. 
  • Arrowroot flour. 
  • Almond flour. 
  • Sorghum flour. 
  • Brown rice flour. 
  • Chickpea flour. 
  • Coconut flour. 
  • Cassava flour.

Is Mustard Gluten Free? 

If mustard flour is gluten free then what about yellow mustard itself? Is it gluten free too? 

Well, most mustard is considered gluten free, with the ingredients being; mustard seeds, spices, vinegar, garlic powder, turmeric and salt.

Do check the brands of mustards however and product labels for any ingredients derived from wheat flour or cross contamination which could cause the food product to contain traces of gluten.

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Final Words

Overall, mustard flour is gluten free and is great for cooking within a gluten-free diet, whether you’re making marinades or salad dressings. That being said, do always check the product’s label for your specific brand to make sure there are no gluten sources like wheat to be on the safe side.

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Hey'all I'm Amy, a born foodie and diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago. I refused to cave into tasteless, boring gulten free food and create my own!
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  1. Amy, my daughter and son-in-law are Gluten Free. They do not have Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity and my son-in-law has Crohn’s Disease.
    They are coming for dinner and have everything GF except a Salad Dressing! I know wine vinegar is okay; however, I have a bottle of Poppy Seed from Panera Bread…checked all ingredients, I am not sure of ingredient “mustard flour”? I googled mustard flour and says okay

    Thank you.

    Gloria Wagner

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