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Are Burger King Fries Vegan?

Are Burger King Fries Vegan?

Are Burger King Fries Vegan?

Are Burger King Fries Vegan?

Are Burger King fries vegan? The simple answer is yes – their fries contain no animal ingredients. In addition, Burger King does not use any animal-derived oil to cook their fries, so vegans can have peace of mind when ordering at BK.

What’s more, the information provided by the fast food establishments on its allergens page shows that the fries are not included in their shared fryers, therefore reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

So if you’re a vegan looking for a fast food option and want to know if you can indulge in Burger King’s famous fries without worry, go ahead and order knowing that the fries themselves are certified vegan – it’s safe to enjoy!

Ingredients Used In Burger King Fries

Ingredients Used In Burger King Fries

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into a Burger King french fry, then wonder no more. Their fries contain 10 delicious ingredients: potatoes, soybean oil or canola, wheat starch, modified potato starch, cornstarch, salt, sugarcane fiber, xanthan gum, dextrin, and palm oil.

Most of the ingredients are vegan-friendly but the one ingredient that could be an issue for some vegans is palm oil. If you’re new to veganism or unsure about eating palm products then you might want to research it first before deciding if it’s something you want to incorporate into your diet.

However, on the whole, the ingredients used in Burger King french fries are plant-based so if you’re willing to overlook the but so far as ethical concerns about palm oil go then these fries can certainly serve as a vegan side dish.

Vegan Options at Burger King

Vegan Options at Burger King

For vegans looking for options when eating out, Burger King has got you covered. Whether you’re a longtime vegan or just starting on your plant-based journey, Burger King has a variety of vegan options that are not just nutritious, but delicious too.

Among their many vegan options is their much-loved french fries which are suitable for vegans and are available at most locations. Not to mention the delicious salads and hash browns both of which can easily be made vegan friendly with some simple tweaks.

Additionally, some other items such as the whopper burger buns or white bread may also be an accidentally vegan option, so be sure to ask before ordering!

No matter what your diet is, you can eat worry-free at Burger King knowing that they have plenty of vegan-friendly meal options!

1. Side garden salad

Side garden salad

Burger King’s garden side salad is an incredibly versatile vegan-friendly option. This fresh and flavorful dish contains a combination of only lettuce and tomatoes – so you can always add your toppings to customize it to your taste.

And the best part? It’s guilt-free! Request that they omit the shredded cheese from this salad, and you’ll be looking at a nutritious meal with a mere 322 calories, 5 grams of protein, 32 grams of fat (6.5 grams saturated fat), 5 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 340 mg of sodium, and 4 grams of sugar. So eat up!

With Burger King’s side garden salad as a vegan option, there doesn’t have to be any compromise when it comes to flavor or nutrition!

2. Classic fries

Burger King’s classic fries are a vegan-friendly side item, perfect for plant-based eaters. Made from vegetable oil, their classic fries contain no animal products, making them ideal for any vegan diet.

A medium order of classic fries provides 385 calories, 5 grams of protein, 17 grams of total fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, 53 grams of total carbs, and 4 grams of fiber. The sodium content is 570 mg – 8% RDI (for a 2000-calorie diet), and there’s hardly any sugar at all (0.4 grams).

When ordering the classic fries from Burger King you don’t need to worry about adding on a sauce; they come with ketchup or mustard – both suitable vegan options! Note that because it contains such high amounts of sodium and fat with not many other nutrients it’s best to pair this side dish with another item when eating out.

3. French toast sticks

French toast sticks

Burger King now has a vegan option on their simple breakfast options menu items – French toast sticks! Perfect for those seeking an animal-product-free meal, these sticks are made without any eggs, milk, or butter.

Plus, they come served with a side of vegan-friendly syrup for you to enjoy! Nutritional-wise, each three-piece order offers 230 calories with 3 grams of protein, 11 grams of total fat (2 grams saturated), and 29 grams of total carbohydrates. It’s also low in cholesterol and just 260 mg in sodium.

Unfortunately, the French toast sticks do have a substantial amount of added sugar. Each order contains about 8 grams per serving – that’s close to one-third of the required daily intake of 100 calories for adult women and one-fifth for men according to the American Heart Association standards.

No matter how you look at it though, French toast sticks make for a great vegetarian-friendly breakfast meal that only Burger King offers.

4. Hash browns

Hash browns are a vegan-friendly option on the breakfast vegan menu items of Burger King. Made with potatoes fried in vegetable oil, they have a signature nugget shape that makes them a great choice for anyone looking to start their day with plant-based nutrition.

In terms of nutrition, a small order of hash browns contains 250 calories and 16 grams of fat, 3.5 grams of which is saturated fat. You’ll also get 24 grams of carbs, including 3.5 grams of fiber, plus no cholesterol or sugar, and 580 milligrams of sodium.

That said, while they make an excellent vegan choice, they may not be very filling since they contain only 2 grams of protein per serving.

So if you want to stick to your vegan diet but need some breakfast sair – oh yes – Burger King’s Hash Browns definitely won’t let you down!

5. Impossible Whopper

The Burger King US offers Impossible Whopper is a great option for those looking for a delicious vegan meal. It’s made from the Impossible burger veggie patty, which contains soy and potato protein as well as coconut and sunflower oils. The heme iron gives it its meat-like flavor, making it hard to tell the difference between this and a regular beef Whopper!

If you’re concerned about cross – contamination with other patties on the same grill, you can request “non-broiler cooking methods” to ensure that your meal is entirely vegan. This burger will provide you with 630 calories, 25 grams of protein, 34 grams of fat (11 grams being saturated fat), 58 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber, and 12g of sugar – without the mayonnaise, it will be cholesterol free.

High in sodium at 1080mg, this meal also contains a large portion of saturated fat (from Coconut oil), so you may want to limit your intake to keep your heart health in check.

But overall, the Burger King US Impossible Whopper is an excellent plant-based whopper option for vegan diners looking for restaurant meals!

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