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Is Sherbet Gluten Free? – Read Here!

Is Sherbet Gluten Free

Can I Eat Sherbet On A Gluten Free Diet?

Sherbet is a popular fruity dessert, like sorbet, except it contains milk, cream, egg whites, gelatine or even buttermilk to give it a creamier taste, but is it gluten free? 

Sherbet is most of the time gluten free thanks to its simple ingredients of fruit, sugar and milk, this means it is not dairy free, however. You should be aware of other added ingredients however which could make it not gluten free.

In our short guide below, we will discuss if both sherbet and sorbet are gluten free if ice cream is gluten free and a list of gluten free ice cream brands to help you see what is and isn’t gluten friendly.

Are Both Sherbet & Sorbet Gluten Free?

Both sherbet and sorbet are indeed gluten free, sherbet contains milk, fruit and sugar as well as sometimes cream and egg whites while frozen desserts like sorbet just contain fruit and sugar which is fine for a gluten-free diet. 

It should be noted that sherbet flavors might not be dairy free since they can contain milk, but are most of the time gluten free.

Is Ice Cream Gluten Free? 

Luckily, a lot of flavors of ice cream are gluten free, simple ice cream flavors such as; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and coffee are all mostly gluten free.

Always be checking for cross contamination in ice cream shops and extra additives or starches which can make these dairy products non-gluten. 

Some popular flavor types which are not gluten-free are types such as cookies & cream and rocky road, ice cream parlors cones may also not be gluten free.

What Ice Cream Ingredients Are Not Gluten Free? 

As we mentioned above, ice cream packs and ice cream shops selling flavours such as cookie dough are often not gluten free, to help you scan which kind of ice cream is not gluten free, we’ve listed the main ingredients to watch out for below.

  • Cross contamination – Any ice cream which is handled in the same factory as other gluten containing products is not gluten free and is at risk of cross contamination, this is why some gluten-free flavors might say ‘may contain traces of gluten’.
  • Wheat flour – Wheat flour can be used in flavours such as cookie crumble or cookie dough, some brands might use gluten free flour however, so double check this ingredient.
  • Barley malt syrup – Barley malt syrup is not gluten free and might be used in some ice creams.
  • Allergens – Check the allergens list of ice cream brands, if gluten is listed then avoid it.

Popular Gluten Free Ice Cream Brands 

If you are an ice cream lover, you will be pleased to know there are a huge range of ice creams which are gluten free, even if you can only eat dairy-free ice cream, there are gluten free options. 

We’ve listed some popular ones below.

  • Ben & Jerry’s – That’s right, you can have Ben & Jerry’s on a gluten-free diet certified flavours including their popular phish food and vanilla caramel.
  • Breyers – Breyer’s Ice Cream is raved about for their gluten free real ice cream, having over 30 flavours of their cold treats, from mint choc chip to vanilla caramel.
  • So Delicious – So delicious is dairy-free ice cream and gluten free certified, flavours such as their caramel apple crumble ice cream and no sugar chocolate are perfect for an ice cream lover.
  • Haagen-Dazs – Haagen-Dazs offer a few gluten free options such as banana peanut butter chip to white chocolate raspberry swirl.
  • Coconut bliss – Coconut bliss is a plant-based gluten free brand and offer many flavours of ice cream as well as ice cream sandwiches, some to name are; legendary cookie dough and dark chocolate, their sandwiches are made out of brown rice flour which is why they stay gluten free.
  • Talenti – Talenti are a gelato and have 11 different gluten free flavours such as vanilla caramel swirl and peppermint bark.
  • Alden’s organics – This ice cream brand has a huge range of certified gluten free flavours and is also free of sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. Some gluten free flavors to name are; peanut butter fudge, salted caramel and mint chip.  

Final Words 

To conclude, sherbet is gluten free like sorbet, since it contains milk, fruit and sugars, sherbet is not dairy free however due to milk and free. Always checked for certain additives and added ingredients which can make your treats have gluten. 

For ice creams, there are many popular brands which offer gluten free flavors such as Ben & Jerry’s, always check for added wheat or barley in flavors such as cookie dough.

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