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Can You Eat Passion Fruit Seeds? Know Here

Can You Eat Passion Fruit Seeds?

If you enjoy tropical fruit, then the sweet and unique flavour of a passion fruit is unlikely to be lost on you. Nothing quite compares to the taste of the fruit, no matter how you enjoy it. Passion fruit coulis, a passion fruit jam, maybe even as passion fruit margaritas. But, what about the seeds?

Can You Eat Passion Fruit Seeds?

Can you eat passion fruit seeds? Yes! We’ve all heards horror stories of how apple seeds contain cyanide (although too little to do harm), but the content of passion fruit is entirely edible and beneficial. You can enjoy this tropical fruit raw, so long as you don’t have a passion fruit allergy.  Speaking of apple here’s an article for you to Good to know: Can You Use Apple Seeds To Grow A Tree

So if you can eat passion fruit pulp and passion fruit nectar, why exactly would you? A batch of passion fruit (known as Passiflora Edulis) can be a very healthy addition to your diet. A number of health and nutrition benefits can be extracted from a single serving of passion fruit, and their seeds surrounded by a pocket of fruit, yellow in colour.

How to Extract Passion Fruit Seeds

At the centre of your passion fruit, after the outer skin, you will find the passion fruit pulp. Here, passion fruit nectar encases the seeds of a passion fruit, which are no larger than watermelon seeds. The taste of these seeds has been described as pleasantly sour or sharp, with a tart like quality. 

To extract the seeds, you need only take a spoon or similar kitchen utensil to scrape them out of the passion fruit pulp. Extracting the passion fruit pulp is an essential part of many tropical themed recipes as well, so you would do well to learn this trick quick.

Passion fruit margaritas, for example, use passion fruit nectar. The nectar is made using the entire passion fruit: the nutrient dense fruit, passion fruit peels, and the passion fruit pulp. Similarly passion fruit coulis and fresh passion fruit juice need this nectar.

How to Enjoy Passion Fruit Seeds

Since they are edible, you can enjoy the seeds incorpated into many recipes which include the tropical favourite. One of our favourites is enjoying a muffin with passion fruit jam, in which you can add a number of other fruits to passion fruit for a wider pallet. 

Can You Eat Passion Fruit Seeds?

Looking for a cool tropical drink on a summer day? A mango passion fruit smoothie can go a long way, as the mixture of passion fruit with other healthy fruits can give your body key vitamins you might need. With how busy life can be in the modern world, health conscious people need these quick ways to fit in their daily fruit and vegetable intake.

Are Passion Fruit Seeds Poisonous?

As mentioned above, you may be aware of some poisonous natures in some seeds. Fortunately,  the answer to ‘is passion fruit seed poisonous’ is a firm no. So if you’re looking to mix some into a passion fruit sorbet without killing someone, go right ahead and enjoy the delicious sensation of passion fruit.

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Nutritional Benefits of Passion Fruit Seeds

Not only a potential fiber source, passion fruit is a quality source of nutrients. The seeds can be a large part of your daily magnesium intake, supplying plenty of magnesium to help you avoid becoming deficient. The risk of magnesium deficiency is as serious as any vitamin deficiency. 

The effects of magnesium intake can reduce the likelihood of magnesium deficiency, but the fruit seeds are also an outstanding source of vitamins. Vitamin C and vitamin A. calorie intake can prevent vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin C being especially important to fight diseases such as scurvy.

There’s also a solid source of fiber in passion fruit, unless you have a passion fruit allergy there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be enjoying this tropical health super food. The properties of passion fruit make it incredible, no matter which part you use. Seeds, nectar, fruit, the vitamins and minerals like iron in passion fruit make it a perfect healthy addition to your diet. 

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Are Passion Fruit Seeds Good for Your Body?

A study in people with asthma found a passion fruit peel supplement reduced shortness of breath and coughing fits. Heart disease and cardiovascular disease are also reduced, thanks to the effects of antioxidants (as passion fruit seeds contain polyphenolic compounds) and anti-inflammatory benefits on heart valves.

Heart disease and other chronic diseases are also hit by generally enjoying a balanced diet, with fruit present. Healthy diet tips always include healthy food inclusions such as passion fruit, and the seeds even contain insoluble dietary fiber to help you pursue a fiber free diet. 

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Different Types of Passion Fruit

While purple passion fruit peel can be an identifying factor of the fruit, you can in fact find a different color of passion fruit! Passiflora Flavicarpa, an oval fruit with yellow skin, contains just as many beneficial plant compounds in yellow passion fruit as their purple siblings. 

Can You Eat Passion Fruit Seeds?

Another variation on the purple passion fruit skin is green passion fruit. However, unlike the yellow, green is an indicator that the fruit isn’t ripe. Consumption of passion fruit while green is not reccomended, both for a poor taste and because it won’t have the full extent of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect prepared, nor a proper source of fiber. Remember that it is good if the seeds are germinated. Learn more here to know how Do Seeds Need Light To Germinate

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