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Brown Vs Golden Flax Seed – Which is Better?

Brown Vs Golden Flax Seed - Which is Better?

Are Brown & Golden Flax Seeds The Same?

If your looking to incorporate flax seed into your diet due to its nutritional benefits, you might have come across both brown and golden flax seed and wondered if there is a difference between the two?

Are Brown & Golden Flax Seeds The Same?

Brown and golden flaxseed have a very similar nutritional makeup, the main difference between the two seeds is that golden flax seeds have more poly-saturated fats and less mono-saturated fatty acids.

Down below in our guide we’ll take you through what brown and golden flax seed are, the main differences between these types of seeds and the benefits of consuming them in your diet.

What Is Brown Flaxseed?

Brown flaxseeds are dark brown and are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids like golden flaxseeds. They have a nutty taste and are around 3/16 inches in size. 

These varieties of flaxseeds are easier to find in stores and are a good source of dietary fiber, they also have a very high antioxidant content.

We’ve listed the nutritional profile of brown flaxseeds down below.

  • 38% fat. 
  • 28% carbs.
  • 24.5% protein.

What Is Golden Flaxseed?

Golden flaxseeds are yellow and have a light sweet taste, these varieties of flaxseeds have less mono saturated fats but are a less popular form of flaxseed. 

  • 37% fat. 
  • 30% carbs. 
  • 23% protein.

The Main Differences Between Golden & Brown Flaxseed

Both flaxseed varieties of brown and golden are very similar and have a good amount of dietary fiber and antioxidant content.

They do differ slightly however in factors like the taste. We’ve listed the main differences between both kinds of seeds down below. 

  • Colour – Brown flaxseeds have a darker and slightly larger appearance than golden flaxseeds.
  • Taste – Golden flaxseeds are much sweeter and lighter than brown flaxseeds which have a more nutty and rich taste.
  • Antioxidants – Brown flaxseeds are slightly higher in antioxidants than golden seeds, although gold seeds are still very high in antioxidants too.
  • Nutrients – Brown flaxseeds have a slightly higher percent protein and are higher percent fat too while golden flaxseed meal is higher in carbohydrates.
  • Fatty acids – Golden seeds have less monounsaturated fats when compared to brown seeds.

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What Are The Benefits Of Eating Flaxseed?

Both golden and brown flaxseed is very beneficial to add to your diet and are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. 

We’ve listed some more nutritional benefits of adding flaxseed to your diet down below. 

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Flaxseed?

They Are Rich In Fiber 

One tablespoon of brown seeds could have up to 2g of fibre in a small serving, they provide both soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet which can help promote healthy bowel movements. Find out here Does Flax Seed Make You Poop?

Could Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer 

Flaxseeds are high in lignans which can help your body to fight cancer and lower the risk of getting forms of cancer such as breast cancer when added to your diet consistently.

Stabilise Blood Sugar 

Due to the flaxseeds soluble fiber content, this delicious seed can help you to balance your body’s blood sugar levels, they can be great to control blood sugar levels if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Can Lower Cholesterol

Flaxseed when eaten consistently can lower levels of LDL which is bad cholesterol in the body. It can also help people to maintain a healthy weight due to the fiber content which helps you feel full for longer.

Easy To Eat

When bought in ground form, flaxseed can be easily added into your diet and your meals making it very easy to eat.

You can have flaxseed in baked goods, smoothies, yoghurt or even in water.

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Is Flaxseed Oil Good For Your Diet? 

Flaxseed oil is a concentrated form of flaxseeds and has all the same nutrition as normal flaxseeds making it high in omega-3 fatty acids.

You can add drops to your water or smoothies to add them easily into your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brown & Golden Flaxseed

How much ground flaxseed should you have per day?

On average, it is recommended to have 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed per day on a standard diet.

How many grams of protein does flaxseed have?

Flaxseed has around 1.5g of protein per tablespoon.

Why is omega 3 fatty acid content good for you?

Omega 3 fatty acids are very good for your health and cardiovascular health, they are also good for regulating hormones.

Final Words 

To conclude, brown and golden flaxseeds are similar in their nutritional profile, the main difference between the two types of seeds is that brown seeds have a more nutty taste and more poly-saturated fats than gold seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brown & Golden Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet and are full of antioxidants. 

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