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Is Corn Flour Gluten Free?

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Corn flour is a type of starch that is used in baking, mostly because it helps create lightness and tenderness in baked goods. However, the fact that it contains gluten doesn’t mean that it’s not suitable for those who have food allergies. In this article, I will explain how and why corn flour is safe… Read More »Is Corn Flour Gluten Free?

Is Guar Gum Gluten Free? Read Here!

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What Is Guar Gum? Guar gum, a very water-soluble fiber, is made from the ground-up seed of a guar plant. It is a common ingredient in many foods and beverages and is used in several medicines and medical procedures. Guar gum is a natural fiber used to thicken food, specifically sauces, and soups. It’s found… Read More »Is Guar Gum Gluten Free? Read Here!

Is Licorice Gluten Free?

Is Licorice Gluten Free? Find Out Here!

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An odd and often acquired taste, licorice (or liquorice for anyone from Great Britain) candy really is without comparison. Made from licorice extract, a plant root uncommonly consumed in any other way, this candy is famous for its strange taste and often deep black color.  Is licorice gluten free? No! While your standard black licorice… Read More »Is Licorice Gluten Free? Find Out Here!